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Cho Chang

When: 3 March 1999
Who: Bellatrix Lestrange, Cho Chang
Where: War Survivor's Headquarters, Diagon Alley
Status: Complete
Summary: Bellatrix plots, while Cho delivers

Yawning, Bellatrix walked down the stairs into the kitchen of the War Survivor’s Group building. She’d just awakened, (after choosing to start sleeping during the day and being awake at night when there would be no one around) and had heard the last of the workers leaving at promptly 6PM.

She wasn’t expecting anyone to be in the kitchen, and had planned on only getting a cup of tea and then heading back into the main area to perhaps read one of the volumes on the shelves there.

She turned the corner and noticed that the lights were still on inside.

Smirking to herself, she drew her wand, even though she was quite sure that there was no one left inside but herself. Perhaps they’d just left the light on for her.

How kind, she thought as she peered around the corner suspiciously.

Her eyes laid upon Cho Chang, sitting at the kitchen table and sipping tea.

“Good evening,” Bellatrix said nonchalantly as she came up behind her for a teacup.

"Good evening, My Lady," Cho responded softly. She pointed to a flask on the table. "Greengrass sent the polyjuice potion for you."

Then she rose to her feet, inclining her head respectfully to Bellatrix. "If you will excuse me for a moment, My Lady, I have something else for you now that you are awake."

Bellatrix nodded and sat her teacup in front of the chair to the left of Cho. She sat, folding her hands on the table and stifled yet another yawn. She watched Cho leave and picked up the flask of Polyjuice potion that was sat on the center of the table. She unscrewed the lid and peered inside, recognising the horrible stench as that of the potion. Feeling quite safe with it after the smell, Bellatrix recapped it.

She returned to her position of hands folded in front of her, waiting patiently for her cup of tea. She wasn’t quite fully awake and yawned yet again.

The younger witch returned within a few minutes, with a slender ebony case in her hands. The box was ornately decorated with silver, obviously the work of a skilled artisan, and Cho held it as though it were of extremely great value.

With a small smile, she presented it to Bellatrix. "I believe this is what you requested, My Lady. I hope that I have fulfilled your desires to your satisfaction," she said softly.

"Ah, yes," Bellatrix said, fingering the case delicately. She knew what was inside, and it pleased her greatly. Chang had certainly done well this time. She opened the case slowly and drew a sharp breath as she removed the knife from its case. It was an exquisite blade, pure silver with an ebony handle, a large emerald set into the end of it. With the potion that Greengrass had brewed, Bellatrix might be able to find a thigh holster for it tomorrow in the Alley. It was too late in the evening, now, to go out.

A happy smile flickered over her lips and she looked at Cho. "Well done, child," she said, thumbing the blade and hissing slightly as it cut her. "Still sharp," she said, placing the bleeding wound to her lips. Her lips twisted slightly, it had been a long time since the taste of blood had crossed her tongue, even if it was her own. With her thumb still in her mouth, Bellatrix pushed her teacup toward the girl, asking with her eyes for it to be filled.

Cho nodded, watching with interest as the other woman gazed avidly at the knife. It had cost her a pretty penny - and more than one tryst - to locate the object, but keeping her houseguest happy was of utmost importance. Not least reason of which was because any failure to do so would undoubtedly be met with punishments which did not bear reflecting upon.

But Cho was used to serving the powerful and capricious Lucius, and she knew to keep her expression neutral and remain polite and subservient. "Thank you, My Lady," she replied. Taking the indicated cup, she turned to the stove, and carefully poured the fragrant tea. Crossing back to the table, she placed it in front of the Death Eater, then pushed the sugar and the cream pitcher within reach. "Unless you would prefer lemon, My Lady?" she asked, raising a brow in inquiry.

Bellatrix poured a bit of cream and put two cubes of sugar into her tea, stirring it with the spoon in her wounded hand. Blood ran down the spoon and into the tea, but she didn't seem to notice. "Lemon? No, never, Chang," she said flatly, as if it were a silly thing to ask. She sipped her tea when it had been satisfactorily stirred and sighed, comforted by its warmth. She turned her eyes back to the girl. "Of course, with this," she picked up the flask that was nearby, "I'll be needing someone to change safely into, Chang. Now, I seem to remember you offering yourself, however, I wonder if you are still up for it?"

Truth be told, the older woman was a bit nervous, if not excited, about venturing out freely (even if under the guise of someone else) into a world that she hadn't set eyes on for almost sixteen years. Of course, she would be able to revert to her old mannerisms if she tried hard enough... and surely they wouldn't be so different from the ones Cho possessed now. The only problem would be if someone unexpected approached her, or else if they started to become testy. Underneath everything, she was still quite paranoid, and that was a hard trait to bury. She raised an expectant eyebrow at the girl, sipping once more at her tea.

"I am still willing, My Lady," Cho replied, resuming her seat at the table. "If you prefer, however, I have, um, samples from several other witches, which I myself use when I need to be disguised. Most of them are, however... quite unattractive. Not hideously so, but plain enough to go without notice in a crowd. If you were to desire, however, to do any... negotiations, you might find it more convenient to use my form. However, the decision is entirely up to you. I have been placed entirely in your service, My Lady."

She took a sip of her own tea, then met the other witch's eyes directly. "I also have, if the circumstances call for it, a few special samples. Ministry officials, some rather important men. And I'm certain that Greengrass could provide you with samples from her patients... which included, I believe, a certain man named Remus Lupin."

Remus Lupin? Oh, yes. The one that Sirius was involved with. I could ruin his life with that, she thought, a smirk playing over her lips. Bellatrix wrinkled her nose at the mention of the unattractive ones, she could not stand being less than beautiful unless she absolutely had to, something that played harshly on her nerves in Azkaban, knowing that she looked hideous for no real reason other than actively supporting a worthy cause. Thankfully, though, there were no mirrors then, and Dementors could only suck happy thoughts, not read obsessive ones, so they never brought one either.

Running a subconsciously protective hand through her long, dark hair, she sat her teacup down. Thinking on it again, Bellatrix decided that it might be more liberating to take a nameless witches' visage rather than Cho's. Besides, should she need help outside, Cho could accompany her. "I believe that I might take one of your randoms to start off with," she drawled, pursing her lips as though in thought, though she really had none. "I should like to venture out tomorrow. I can think of a few things that I might need to pick up."

She was dying to be out in her own place, and had a spot in mind, should it still be there, a place where she could sit and ponder things that she would rather be doing.

"I am at your disposal, My Lady," Cho replied. "Would you care to go at a certain time, or shall I keep the entire day free so that we may go when you feel it best?"

"I believe," Bellatrix started, "That I'm not much for schedules, so you might cancel any previous appointments and meetings that you might have had for tomorrow." She picked up her teacup, frowning that a bit of the sugary liquid had dried on the handle, making it sticky. She stuck her fingers in her mouth to rid them of the stickiness and went back to sipping her tea. "Though, expect it to be in the morning," she added as an afterthought. She wasn't entirely sure why it would be in the morning, or entirely convinced that it would be, just that it sounded right to say so.

"As you wish, My Lady," Cho said, rising to her feet. "If you have no further need of me, I need to send a few owls to rearrange things. Is there anything else you require this evening, My Lady?"

Bellatrix shook her head. "No, " she waved her hand dismissively. "You may go." She looked up at the girl, giving her a half smile and going back to her tea.
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