Severus Snape (xseverus_snapex) wrote in beyond_hogwarts,
Severus Snape

When: 18 February, 1999
Who: Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter, Daphne Greengrass, Bellatrix Lestrange, Neville Longbottom, Sirius Black, James Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Dimpy the House Elf, Lucius Malfoy and Lord Voldemort
Where: Here, there, a little bit of everywhere (but mostly Hogwarts)
Status: Complete
Summary: A reunion of friends, lovers, and enemies.
Watch For: The bizarre inner workings of Severus Snape’s mind.

Severus Snape stalked quickly through the dungeons of Hogwarts. As per usual, a scowl was set on his pale face and his robes billowed behind him with a flare of dramatics that would have made Gilderoy Lockheart jealous. He was late for a meeting with the Ministry and needed to get to the edge of the wards around Hogwarts so he could Apparate. Unfortunately, the children that were shuffling through the corridors were paying their usual amount of respect to him – none.

If they do not get out of my way soon, I will not be held responsible for any hexes they may encounter at the tip of my wand.

Finally, he reached the corridor that would take him through a shortcut that led to a side entrance of the school. Ducking down it, he gave a sigh of relief as the noise level declined and he was able to move freely once again.

Glancing over his shoulder, he scowled at the oblivious students who were still milling through the dungeons. Then, he turned and began walking with a purpose down the hallway he was in.

And promptly smacked into something hard.

Stumbling backward, Severus glowered at the object in his way. Not an object, his mind said instantly. A person.

“Remus Lupin,” he snapped, his temper near-breaking. “What in the name of Merlin are you doing here?”

"Hello, Severus," the werewolf responded, giving the Potions Master a flirtatious smile. Raising a brow, his gaze went caressingly over the other wizard, from the top of his head to his feet, then back up again, slowly and sensuously.

"Aren't you a bit overdressed?" he asked then. All the sandy-haired wizard wore was a pair of black leather pants, and a white silk shirt open to his navel. "I thought this was supposed to be a costume party."

Severus blinked, glancing from the other wizard down to his own outfit. He was wearing his traditional black robes. Suddenly, he felt rather foolish.

“It must have slipped my mind,” he murmured, a slight blush staining his cheeks. Then, he shook his head and glowered at the werewolf. “Although I does not matter. I have no time for a party. Stand aside. I have to be…” He trailed off as his mind pulled up a blank.

Merlin’s balls. Where was it I was supposed to go? Bloody children, making noise and causing me to lose my train of thought.

Finally, he finished with, “Somewhere to be.” He then brushed past the sandy-haired man and continued down the corridor. Finally reaching the large wooden door at the end, he pushed it open and stepped through the doorway.

And promptly into the Great Hall.

“Ah, Severus!” a familiar voice called from somewhere to his right. Turning, he glared at the smiling face of Albus Dumbledore.

“So glad you finally made it, my boy!” the aging wizard exclaimed, his eyes twinkling merrily. Looking the Potions Master up and down, he suddenly frowned. “You didn’t bring a gift?”

Severus blinked, the confusion he was feeling showing on his face. “A gift? I wasn’t aware…”

Suddenly, movement out of the corner of his eye caused him to turn his head. His scowl returned with full force. “What are you doing here?” he demanded irritably. “I have already left you.”

Shaking his head, he looked back to his right. “I apologize, Headmaster…” He stopped and looked around. “Headmaster?” he questioned.

Albus Dumbledore wasn’t anywhere in sight.

Virtually growling, he looked back at Remus. “Well?” he snapped. “I’m waiting for a response. You can speak, can’t you?”

"Of course I can speak, Severus... but you prefer it when I growl," the werewolf responded, stepping closer to the other man, and gripping his upper arms lightly.

Amber eyes gleaming, he brought his lips close to the Potions Master's ear. "Don't you know you can't get rid of me? I'm never going to let you go." With that, he pulled back, and kissed the other man with bruising force.

"That," Sirius Black simpered, stepping out of the shadows of a lone doorway, "is just disgusting. Not to mention wrong, on every level imaginable." Shaking his head, the dark haired wizard pulled the top hat, which was perched atop his head at a rather jaunty angle that only he could carry off, down over one eye, glaring at the kissing pair with flashing black eyes.

"Of course, I've always found most everything about Snivellus there disgusting. Do you remember that time, when your parents decided your teeth were crooked, and instead of using magic to correct them, they tried to help you with your Muggle relations skills by getting you conventional braces? You used to always get food stuck in them, especially those vile deep fried artificial cheese covered chips…that, was perhaps more disgusting then this. But I'm seriously doubting that assumption, the more that I watch."

Leaning back against the wall, Sirius crossed his ankles, smoothing an invisible wrinkle out of his skin-tight Van Halen tee-shirt as both men turned to stare at him. He offered them a shrug, a smirk on his lips. "What? Someone said there was a party, and you can't throw a proper party of any sort without Sirius Black."

"You mean without Sirius Black and a dozen bottles of firewhiskey," Remus responded with a grin. "Of course, after a dozen bottles of firewhiskey even you look shaggable, Padfoot."

Remus kissed his mate again, before releasing him and stepping back, turning in Sirius' direction. "And you have me confused with James, you stupid git. He had the braces, to go with the glasses."

He leered at the animagus, walking over to him with a sway to his step. "And you never objected to kissing me after eating those chips. Firewhiskey or not!"

Sirius let out a snort of laughter, wrinkling his nose at the werewolf. "One will do most anything, and I stress the word anything, when one is drunk. Do you remember that time…wait…no…because I don't remember it either. But that's besides the fact."

Licking his teeth, the man reach into the pocket of his acid washed straight out of 1983 jeans, and removed a tube of black cherry lip gloss, which he lovingly applied to his chapped lips before continuing on.

"As I also recall, I liked those chips myself, and kissing James was certainly more fun then kissing you. Except for that time he got those damned braces caught in my hair…I don't remember what we were doing…I think it started with the phrase 'turn me upside down and make a wish'…"

"Oh, kissing James was more fun... but there were other things that you preferred to do with me, weren't there?" Remus asked, apparently unperturbed.

He stood quite close to the other Marauder, and ran a hand over Sirius' chest, where the muscles were outlined by the tight shirt. "Don't you remember?"

"Oy! I can't believe you two would start with out me," James called out jovially, seeming to appear out of thin air, right at Sirius' elbow. "Honestly, and I even brought the pre-show snack!" The frumpy haired young man waved a box of truffles in the air, all but bouncing with glee.

"Moony, Padfoot, good to see you again. Do you now how long it took me to get here? One wrong turn on the 105, and all hell broke loose. Luckily enough, I found that Speedway..."

Turning his eyes around the room, he instantly spotted Severus, but the only acknowledgement he gave was a quirk of the brow, before turning his sights back on his friends. "Who smells like black cherry popsicles from the cart in the park," he inquired, leaning in to sniff Remus.

"Padfoot... he was tarting himself up for you," Remus said, leaning forward to kiss James. Then he drew back, grinning. "Remind him that you had the braces, Prongs. He's getting us confused again."

Sirius let out a huff that could rival that of any diva, his hat falling a little askew as he jerked his chin up. "I think I would remember if he had braces, after all, he spent most every night in my bed. Don't you remember? He used to wear that cute little paisley pajama set…"

"Ooooh," James giggled, a grin breaking out on his lips, which now tasted, oddly enough, like cheesy poofs. "I've got a surprise for you!" Quick as lightening on a hot July night, he whipped off his robes to reveal said pajamas. "And no, I did not have braces…that was Peter. Surely you aren't mistaking him for me! In case you are, allow me to provide for you a reminder." James then promptly passed along a kiss of his own to Sirius.

When the kiss was over, and it was a good one, the tallest of the trio pushed his top hat back up on his head, grinning crookedly. "You know, theoretically, if Remus kissed you, and you kiss me, we all kissed each other… and Merlin help us, that means we also kissed Snivellus…which is something I'd really rather not think about…and why do I get the feeling that this party is a gift party and I brought nothing but myself to the table?"

"If you're the present, then it is a gag gift," Remus said smartly, before walking back over to Severus, and putting his arm around his mate's waist. "And don't any of you get any ideas about kissing Severus... he's MINE. I'm afraid I'd have to rip your throats out for touching him."

With a grin, he looked up into the Potions Master's eyes. "But they don't kiss as well as I do anyway, Severus... you aren't missing a thing."

Severus couldn’t seem to help the smirk that crossed his face as he looked at Sirius and James. “I assure you, Remus,” he murmured, glancing at his mate, “I had absolutely no intention of risking Merlin only knows what sorts of diseases by so much as touching one of them.”

Turning his head, he frowned as a figure stepped up to his other side. “And I require no comments from you.”

Lucius Malfoy raised one perfectly sculpted eyebrow, a sneer crossing his aristocratic features. “Nor did I have any intention of joining in this ludicrous conversation,” he replied without missing a beat, before looking pointedly down at Remus’ arm around the Potions Master’s waist. “I do hate to ruin your … fun, Severus. But your presence is required.”

The dark-haired wizard continued to glare at the blond before finally stepping from Remus’ arms. “Very well. One moment.”

Turning, his locked eyes with Albus Dumbledore, who was now seated at the Head Table, a paper hat resembling a pirate’s ship perched on his head at an odd angle. The elderly wizard gave a solemn nod, them returned to speaking with Minerva, a pile of candies resting in front of him.

Looking back at Lucius, Severus raised an eyebrow. “Come along. He should not be kept waiting.” Then, he departed into the crowd. After a few steps, the group of nameless faces parted.

“Good luck, old friend,” Lucius murmured, before stepping into the line of people on his right.

Severus watched him go, then felt a hand on his left forearm. Stiffening, he turned his head to glance at pale, long fingers digging into his Dark Mark. Slowly, he raised his head.

And was peering into a pair of glowing, bright red eyes.

"Ssssevvvveeerrrrusssssssss," Voldemort hissed menacingly. "You betrayed me. For that you must pay!” Slowly, the Dark Lord drew his wand, a sneer curving his lipless mouth. "Crucio, I think... I'm going to Crucio you until you whimper. I'm going to do it until you beg... until you die!" He whispered, and a mirthless laugh, the laugh of a dead man drifted through the air.

The wand came up. "Cruc..." the Dark Lord began. But then a snarl rent the air, and a brown-grey form hurled itself upon Voldemort.

Moony landed on the tall form, toppling Voldemort to the ground, jaws clenching around the pale throat with a sickening crunch. A high pitched scream rent the air, and black blood flew in all directions and the werewolf ripped the Dark Lord to pieces.

When the tall form finally fell still and silent, Moony turned around, looking at the Potions Master. Tentatively, he wagged his tale, grinning a wolfish grin.

"Muggle Jesus," Sirius screamed, scrambling under a table. He remained there, even after the hint of danger was gone, peeking from beneath his hat, examining the scene. When everyone began to murmur, observing the carnage, he snaked out a hand, grabbing a chicken leg from the plate above his head.

Might as well have a snack…wonder if that blood is gonna stain the carpet?

After casting a disgusted look at Sirius, Severus turned his attention to Moony. Slowly, he raised an eyebrow. “Well, do not think you are getting a treat!” he exclaimed, shaking his head. Looking back at the corpse on the ground. “And he believed he had power.”

Shaking his head, he looked back at Sirius. “You always were a coward, Black. First sign of trouble and you are nowhere to be found … even if you were the cause of it.”

Moony sauntered over to Severus, rubbing his side against the Potions Master's leg and looking up with imploring amber eyes. Come on, Severus, I deserve a treat! the wolf thought. Seeing he was making no headway on that front, he rolled over, kicking his legs in the air.

How about a belly rub, at least?

Severus rolled his eyes, giving an exasperated sigh. “Don’t bother attempting to ignore him,” a jovial voice said. Albus Dumbledore gave the Potions Master a gentle nudge forward. “You know perfectly well he would never bite you. Or are you still convinced I’m a barmy old codger?”

Severus snorted, even as he knelt beside Moony and gave the wolf an affectionate pat on the stomach. “You are a barmy old codger, Albus,” he stated. Gazing down at the animal form of his mate, Severus smirked. “And I know perfectly well you would never harm me.”

Rising to his feet, he wiped his hands on his robe. Then, he froze, looking down at the material. It was covered in dust.

“Dimpy is sorry,” came the squeak from the House Elf who appeared beside him. She grabbed at her ears, her face drawn up in horror and shame. “Dimpy couldn’t get it out, no matter how much Dimpy cleaned. Dimpy thinks the dust is going to cover everything, soon.”

“It’s all right,” Severus murmured. “I have lived with dust for years.”

Turning on his heel, he began to walk away when he stopped and looked back at Moony. “Well, are you coming?” he questioned shortly. “And if you are, do take care of the first step. It’s quite…vicious.”

The wolf bounded to his feet, but then seemed to trip. He fell down right on his moist black nose, and there was a very sharp, distinct snap. Then the wolf transformed back to the human form of Remus. But Remus didn't move.

“Remus?” Severus questioned, dropping to his knees beside his mate. “Remus, look at me.” When the man didn’t move, Severus tried again.

“Remus, I demand you look at me.” Yet, the Potions Master’s voice sounded almost afraid.

Sirius crawled out from beneath the table, a livid glare in his eyes as he shoved Severus aside, kneeling down to whisper in the mans ear. "Get up Moony. We need you...we all need you...everyone..."

Slowly he looked up at his childhood enemy, something unearthly lurking behind his vague expression. "This is all your fault."

Severus shook his head, scrambling to his feet. "No," he denied. "I would never…" Slowly, his eyes narrowed and he took a step closer. "And get the hell away from my mate." And with that, he kicked Sirius in the chest, sending the other man sprawling across the floor.

Glowering once, Severus then dropped to his knees and ran a hand across Remus' hair. "You cannot leave me," he murmured. "It isn't allowed. And you are far too old to be breaking the rules."

"Marauders always break the rules," Remus muttered, opening his eyes. "Don't you remember, Severus? Werewolves and illegal animagi.... We break all the rules. Are you going to take more points from Gryffindor for that?" he asked with a small grin.

Craning up, he kissed his mate. "Twenty points for public display of affection, perhaps?"

The Potions Master chuckled. "The points no longer matter," he stated firmly, before standing up. "Now, we really must be going. We were expected hours ago."

He paused as a blank panther crossed in front of him. Turning its head, it sniffed at the air then seemed to smirk, before sauntering away. Severus watched it go, shaking his head slowly. Looking back at Remus, he stated, "Yet another broken rule."

Holding out his hand, he gave the werewolf a smirk of his own. "Come now. It will be easier if we do not speak of it."

"Of course, Severus," Remus replied, rising to his feet and taking his mate's hand. Then he looked over at Sirius. "You like blondes better anyway."

Severus rolled his eyes, giving Remus a harsh glare. “Enough,” he stated. “We must go.” And with that, he began walking in the opposite direction of where Voldemort’s corpse, now gone, had laid moments earlier.

He hadn’t made it more than five steps when a figure caught the corner of his eye. Dropping his mate’s hand, he spun toward the movement, his robes whirling around him and his face set in a dark scowl.

“Longbottom!” he bellowed. “And just what do you think you are doing? If you mix those, you will create an explosion that may possibly be strong enough to cause damage to your thick skull!”

Suddenly, he stopped, an evil smirk flittering across his face. “Actually, now that I think about it … perhaps you should continue. Everyone, take a step back.” Eyeing the young wizard, he sneered, “Except for you, of course.”

Neville yelped, jumping backwards involuntarily at the Potions Master's reprimand. "I, I, um, I..."

Severus gave a wearily sigh, stalking forward until he was standing directly in front of the now-trembling young man. Sneering down his nose at him, the dark haired wizard snarled, “Surely even you have not forgotten how to communicate using basic language, Longbottom. Say something.”

Standing up straight once more, he barked out, “Answer me.”

Neville blanched, ducking his head as if he thought he might somehow make himself small enough to vanish from the Potion Master's eyes. Or perhaps not; what had looked like a cringe continued, Neville seeming somehow to draw himself into a perfect ball. It split down the middle as Snape watched, the young man's form falling to either side like eggshells and vanishing into dust as a brown-robed figure stepped forward.

The face was the same- round, freckled, slightly gap-toothed- but if it was Longbottom it was no Longbottom Snape had ever seen in his classroom. The younger man's eyes were hard, his bearing controlled, like a guard dog on a leash. The wand gripped loosely in his right hand quivered as he snapped, "It's answers you want, is it? I'll give you an answer, mate. What did you come here looking for? Another whipping boy? Someone to take it all out on? You're not going to get it, that's for bloody certain! Let's see some proof there's more to you than threat and bluster!"

One eyebrow rose slowly toward Severus’ hairline, before he finally gave a brief nod, a smirk on his face that could only be described as evil. “It is about time you finally grew up, you pathetic excuse of a wizard,” he hissed, pulling his wand. “Although, being able to string words together does not necessarily indicate anything more than a basic knowledge of the English language. How about you show </i>me</i> why I should even attempt to respect the likes of,” he sneered, looking Neville up and down, “you.”

A flicker of some emotion crossed the hardened visage before Longbottom nodded curtly. Without warning, the wand flicked in his hand; jets of silvery light flashed around Snape's form, sizzling with energy as they passed. Close enough to hear- but not to touch; none came closer than a centimetre or two at the very nearest.

"I've done my time," said Longbottom. "I earned my stripes. I've done everything I had to, and then some. I haven't got anything left to earn from *you*."

Remus rushed over to Padfoot, shoving an obviously pregnant James before him. "Sirius, where is the bloody wheelchair?" the werewolf gasped, glaring at the taller wizard. "This is YOUR fault, you know!"

"It takes two to tango my dear Mister Moony," Sirius said with a scowl. He complied though, rolling his eyes and snapping his fingers, a wheelchair instantly appearing. "There? Satisfied? Or shall I also conjour you a side car?"

"It's not my kid, Padfoot, you git. I saw you and James snogging. I'm quite certain this little problem is VERY sirius, very sirius indeed!" the werewolf glared, looking in concern at James, who was panting shallowly. "He looks like he gonna blow..."

Sirius snorted, and began to giggle like mad. "Oh, he blows all right..." He would have continued, had the werewolf not shot him another defiant look. "All right, all right! I take the I don't know how to be a father! What if I mess up, which, odds are I will...and what is he doing?" The confused wizard leaned down to peek at the now absolutely flushed James, who was cringing in pain. "Is he in labor? WHAT DO WE DO?"

"How am I supposed to know, you prat! You're the one who's bi!" Remus huffed, shoving the wheelchair at Padfoot and stalking off in a huff. "I'm going to go dance now."

"You can't leave me like this! James! JAMES! Just...push it back in!" Sirius was bouncing from one foot to the other anxiously, looking around for help. Finally, when he realized no one was coming, he resolved that running up and down the hall, pushing the wheelchair as fast as he could, would do the trick. So he took off, gleefully singing Beatles songs to James as they went.

Severus gave a great snort, refusing to allow the shock he felt at the proximity of the blasts. “Of course you have,” he replied. “It is the same thing we must all earn at some point. Respect.”

Slipping his wand back into his robes, he locked eyes with his former student. “Your parents had it. You, however, have yet to earn it.” Looking him up and down once more, although without the same utter loathing, and he grudgingly added, “Although you are certainly beginning to grasp the general concept, you have still quite a bit to learn.”

Neville shrugged. "Accio Shirt," he said, wand leveled at Snape's chest. His free hand flashed out to snatch at the older man's collar. "Now," he said, "tell me something I don't know."

Remus growled at the Gryffindor. "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY MATE!" he snarled, eyes glowing at Neville dangerously.

Severus didn’t even blink, merely reached out and grasped Neville’s wrist. Grasping it, he pulled free and twisted the younger wizard’s arm until it wouldn’t go any further. “If I were to continue along my present course, Mr. Longbottom,” Severus murmured close to his ear, “You arm would snap in two. While you were wincing from the pain, I’d take this,” here he snatched the wand out of Neville’s grasp.

Twirling it absently through his fingers, he continued. “I would then snap it as I had your arm, and immobilize you with a well-placed hex.” His jaw twitched as he added, “Or possibly a few bouts of the Cruciatus. Irony, after all, is quite humorous in its own way.”

Handing him back the wand, Severus suddenly released the Gryffindor and stated silkily, “Now, while you may have been aware of all that I just told you, I highly doubt you knew that I was capable of doing it. After all, to you I’m certain I’m little more than a horrible Potions Master who picked on you and your friends.”

"You don't want to know what I think of you," Neville said, stepping away and back into the shadows.

Remus walked over to his mate, pouting. "So much for defending your honor," he huffed.

“You should not have to,” Severus stated, still staring in shock at the place where Neville had just stood. Blinking, he gazed at the werewolf. “Just as I would never presume to need to defend yours if you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself.”

Remus grinned, leaning in to kiss Severus. "Defending each other is what love is all about, Severus," he replied, before stepping back and nodding.

Sirius sauntered over then, looking quite smug and carrying a wicker basket. "Might I interest you gents in a pup? James just had a little of seven. Hairy little buggers, see?" He tipped the basket to show them, offering a wide grin. "Only ten dollars, and they come with papers!"

Remus looked in the basket. "Severus! Can we have one? Or two? I want girls... a black and a blonde..."

"He thinks you're a git," offered Harry helpfully, while lounging on a chair drinking a multi-coloured drink as scantily clad young women fanned him with palm leaves. "A little to the left, ah, that's it."

Severus scowled, giving Remus a hard look. “I do not want a … pup. Especially not one that has been or will be anywhere near that,” he stated, nodding toward Sirius.

He then turned to give Harry a withering glare. “And I do not require comments from you, Potter,” he snarled angrily. Looking back at Remus, he shook his head. “No, Remus. Absolutely not. No pup.”

"Fine," Remus said, face going blank as he stepped away from Severus. "It's always what you want, Severus. Isn't it?" he asked softly, before turning away to cross the room.

"Someone's not getting shagged tonight," smirked James, who'd joined his son in being pampered. A regular Greek chorus, those two.

Remus, dressed in a flamenco outfit with painfully - but deliciously - tight pants and a red, ruffled silk shirt cut down to his navel, swayed over to Bellatrix with a rose between his teeth. "My dear lady, if you are *siriusly* interested, we could tango..."

Bellatrix, who really wasn't ever one to turn down a good dance -even with a werewolf- waved her wand in a circle over her head and instead of her normal black robes was suddenly dressed in a coordinating outfit. She walked over in her red high heels and twirled in front of him, her hair and skirt flaring out. She held out her hand in acceptance. "But of course, señor," she said, her tongue rolling the last R.

"Masochism Tango, my dear?" Remus asked with a grin. Whirling Bella about with a flourish, he began to sing in a rich baritone. "I ache for the touch of your lips dear, but much more for the touch of your whips dear, you can raise welts, like nobody else, as we dance to the Masochism Tango!"

Bellatrix wrapped her leg around him as he dipped her. She sang with him, "Let our love be a flame, not an ember, say it's me that you want to dismember. Blacken my eye, set fire to my tie, as we dance to the Masochism Tango!" With that, she ripped the rose from his mouth and put it between her own teeth, raising an amused eyebrow at him.

Remus grinned, even though his mouth was bleeding. Cheek to cheek, he led her down the dance floor, weaving unconcerned through the chaos. "At your command, before you here I stand, my heart is in my hand. Ecch! It's here that I must be... My heart entreats, just hear those savage beats, and go put on your cleats and come and trample me! Your heart is hard as stone or mahogany, that's why I'm in such exquisite agony. My soul is on fire, it's aflame with desire, which is why I perspire when we tango!"

"You caught my nose in your left castanet, Love, I can feel the pain yet, Love, ev'ry time I hear drums. And I envy the rose that you held in your teeth, Love, with the thorns underneath, Love, sticking into your gums," she sang, her voice shrill as she strutted and dipped with Remus down the wooden dance floor.

"Why Bella, you dance divinely!" Remus said, before his eyes glowed menacingly. He spun her around, in the direction of an archway that appeared in the middle of the floor, with a fluttering black veil hanging across the opening. "Why don't you just dance straight to hell, my dear?" he asked, pushing her towards the archway with lycanthrope strength.

Bellatrix sneered as she caught herself from sliding through the veil, her heel -thank Merlin- catching on a jutting stone in the floor. She was on all fours as she glared up at him menacingly, pulling herself up as her little outfit changed to that of her old Death Eater robes and mask. "No, Lupin," she sad as she advanced at him, her wand out. "Though, I wouldn't mind seeing you shuffling through." She apparated to a point directly behind him and proceeded to shove him in the direction of the veil.

Severus gave a yell, dashing forward to catch Remus. Yanking the werewolf behind himself, he sneered at Bellatrix. “I think not,” he stated firmly, drawing his wand. “He is not to leave without me, and I am hardly going to go at the hands of the likes of you.”

Sirius moved forward to examine the veil with interest, prodding at with his hand. "Interesting looking thing...." He sniffed the air, and caught a strong whiff of something rather tantalizing. "Anyone else smell blood pudding? I think it's coming from inside!" Quite suddenly, licking his lips, he strode the veil, calling back a promise to return soon with enough for everyone.

"Oh, really," Bella said, her pout evident in her raspy voice even though she was wearing her mask. "I really thought you'd let me do the honors, as I am so well practiced at sending people through it. It'll be quick, painless, Severus. Then I can send in your little werewolf after you, and you can all flit about in purgatory, being the Happy Wizards you lot are."

Remus stepped away. "I thought you said you didn't need to defend me," he said sadly, and walked back towards Bellatrix, shaking his head.

Severus gave him a hurt look, before he forced it away. “You are correct. I was wr…” before he could finish his sentence, the ground cracked and, eyes wide, he fell through the hole. He landed on his feet, and quickly spun in a circle to take in his surroundings.

It was his personal laboratory.

His eyes darted to where Hannah normally stood with a cauldron brewing in front of her. However, the blonde wasn’t there. At least, not that blonde.

Eyes narrowing, he snapped, “Ms. Greengrass, what are you doing here? It is not time for class.” Shaking his head, he muttered, “I haven’t time for this. I must speak with Remus.” He stared at his student for a moment. “Come along. You will explain on the way,” he stated, before walking into the corridor.

Daphne followed along quickly, her right hand holding a Erlenmyer shaped flask full of a fluorescent blue liquid, "Professor, the draught is almost complete, all I need is a few more drops of armadillo bile and..." She tried to keep up, her high heels clicking wildly as her summer dressed billowed out behind her. "Where ARE we going Professor?"

Severus gave a long-suffering sigh. “I do not feel the need to explain myself to you, Ms. Greengrass,” he snapped. “When you need to be informed of something, I will tell you. Until then, I would suggest you leave my business to me and focus on doing what it is you do best.”

Rounding a corner, he stopped suddenly. “No,” he suddenly said firmly. “I am not going. If he wishes to speak to me, he will come to me. I am not at fault.”

Looking back at his student, he stated conversationally, “He almost died, you know. Was rather a close call. Although, I’m certain you remember it. After all, you were supposed to have healed him. Fortunately I was able to make up for your incompetence and helped him personally.”

Remy stepped into the hallway, suitcase in hand. "Severus? Are you ready to go?" he asked.

His anger forgotten, the Potions Master nodded. “Make certain to inform Ms. Abbott I’ve gone. She’ll need to continue the research on her own,” he said, glancing at Daphne. “In less, of course, you wish to actually assist her instead of prancing about acting as though you are an adult when you are still a child?”

As he spoke, he moved closer to Remus, until he could feel the heat from his mate. “I do so hope that they aren’t too angry,” he murmured absently, before shrugging. “Although, if they are, it really won’t matter one bit. They cannot harm us. Not anymore.”

"A child wouldn't have a steady position at St. Mungo's and have her own flat now would she? Am I to understand that Miss Abbott is staying at your manor? " She scoffed. "I have my pride as a Slytherin Professor, I will not serve as an assistant to a Hufflepuff. Pride... seems like that is something you've forgotten." A table suddenly appeared before her with laboratory equipment upon it and she began brewing more of the blue liquid. She was dressed as a student again, her hair tied back in a ponytail. "Professor, I need someone to test this potion on. Will you kindly do me the honour?"

"They never could, you know. Not really. We can only harm ourselves," Remus said, nodding. "Or each other." Amber eyes glowed trustingly up at his mate, and he smiled happily before wrapping his arms around Severus. "But you would never hurt me, Severus. Not deliberately."

Severus gave Remus an almost tender smile, before raising his head and scowling at the young woman. “Do not be a fool, Ms. Greengrass. If you challenge me, you will fail. Make no mistake about that.”

He then looked back at Remus. “Let’s go.” And, holding Remus hand, he stepped through the nearby doorway and disappeared from sight.

Gasping, Severus sat straight up in bed, his eyes wide as he peered, unseeing, around the room. Finally, after a few moments, his heartbeat slowed and he gave a sigh of relief. Then he winced in pain and promptly collapsed back onto the bed.

It was a pointless dream. Go back to sleep, he told himself firmly. However, he couldn’t resist the brief glance to make certain Remus was still lying beside him.

Seeing the werewolf asleep and free of the recent stress, the Potions Master smiled faintly. “It was merely a dream,” he murmured softly to himself, before wrapping one arm firmly around the other wizards waist and closing his eyes once more.
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