Harry Potter (x_harrypotter_x) wrote in beyond_hogwarts,
Harry Potter

Privet Drive

When: 31 January 1999
Who: Harry Potter, Arabella Figg
Where: Little Whinging
Status: Complete
Summary: Harry goes back to Little Whinging, only to find that the wizarding war had fatal consequences for his remaining family.

It was his first time back at Privet Drive since the war, but Harry didn't view it with the same trepidition as he did when he went back to Hogwarts. Perhaps he should have.

With a loud *crack*, Harry Apparated on the grounds of the house that had been his jail and unknowing safehouse for so many years. He'd aimed to arrive behind his aunt's prized hydrangea bush, since it would shield him from the eyes of curious Muggles - but it was gone. So was the flowerbed outside the house and the lawn that his aunt had been so careful to maintain. They were all replaced now by rocks and stones that appeared to be...combed into rows.

"Oy! You! Get out of my Zen garden!"

The heavyset man who leaned out of the window of his old room looked nothing like a Dursley. Harry stared up in confusion until the door opened and an equally heavyset woman lumbered out holding a rolling pin. "Y'hear what my husband said! Get off and get out! Crazy kids..."

"No, wait." Harry quickly made his way back to the walk, upsetting the careful arrangement of stones in his haste. Did he get the wrong house? No, the street number was right, and it looked the same. Just the people inside were different. "I'm looking for the Dursleys. Are they...are they here? Did they move?"

The woman grunted. "Don't know, don't care." And with that, she slammed the door behind her, leaving a mystified Harry behind her.

What had happened? When did the Dursleys move and what did it have to do with Dudley going after him? Dudley was missing now; Harry would have to hunt him down for answers, but he wasn't sure he could wait for that. A thought struck him: there was one person around who might know the story and would be willing to talk to him. With that thought in mind, he headed to Arabella Figg's house.
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