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Luna Lovegood

The wounded converse...

When: January 21, 1999
Who: Luna Lovegood, Daphne Greengrass, Harry Potter
Where: 12 Grimmauld Place, more specifically, Ron Weasley's old bedroom
Status: Complete
Summary: The sleeping draught Daphne placed on Luna to allow her bullet wound to heal wears off, leaving Luna to explain the Dudley incident.

Daphne walked quickly down the hall of the hospital, making her way to the fireplace at the front desk. She took a handful of the floo powder and stepped in. She was glad she had reconfigured the wards to let her into the house otherwise she'd have to keep calling ahead of time to get someone to take them down. She hoped no one would mind, and who would argue really? She was going to check on her cousin, not to destroy them.

Daphne entered Grimmauld Place through the floo which was left open for her. She came to the house everyday after work to check upon her cousin who was still under the effects of the sleeping draught she administered. She ran up the stairs as quietly as she could and headed to the third floor. She immediately entered the room and smiled when she saw her cousin still asleep. The draught was working and it should have healed her wound by now.

Bloody bullets, she thought, damn Muggle creation. They always had adverse effects upon wizards and the only way to counter it was to put the patient under a comatose state with a sleeping draught. She sat down next to the bed and placed a wet cloth upon Luna's forehead.

The touch of the cool cloth aganist her forehead prompted Luna out of the murky fog she had been wading in for seemingly, ever. Her eyelids were so used to being shut that lifting them was a burden, and somewhat a nussance. She longed to return to the weightless sleep she had been given to her, but the cloth was cold and she realized, so was she. The first stirrings of physical sensation since...since the bullet. She remembered. Her eyes flew open. She found herself staring into the same eyes that had reassured and comforted her for the past 17 years of her life.

"Daphne." With a surge of energy she sat up quickly and embraced her cousin. It hurt, but she felt immediately comforted.

Daphne wrapped her arms around Luna and held her tightly. A wave of relief flooded over the Healer as she stroked her younger cousin's hair. "Luna, thank Merlin you're alright. How are you feeling?"

In the monotonous silence of his room, even quiet footsteps outside, and even to senses dulled by pain, were jarring. Harry pushed himself up with an effort and took a moment to gather his energy before shuffling to the door. He'd spent the last few days alternately writhing in pain and trying to find solutions to problems he didn't even fully understand, but now there was something else he needed to do. Carefully taking the steps up to Ron's old room, he headed over to check on his unexpected houseguest.

When he reached the open doorway, he saw that Luna was finally awake. He didn't enter just yet, though; her cousin the Healer was there, and rather than intrude on a private family moment, he waited at the door in silence.

"I'm feeling...surprisingly good." Luna answered to her cousin. The area of her shoulder the bullet had pierced left a firey trail when it pushed through her body, but with the small amount of movement she was experimenting with, it felt vaguely stiff, but the acute pain she had felt was gone.

Luna began to ask her cousin if it would be alright to start moving it more vigoriously, when she heard a creak outside her door. She peered around her cousin to see rumpled black hair and curious green eyes. Oh no, Luna thought. Not now, I can' can I face him...bringing that liar, that potential killer, into his home.

"Hullo Harry," she whispered. She half hoped he hadn't heard.

Daphne turned around and saw Potter standing quietly in the doorway. She chided herself for not sensing a presence earlier, as a good, suspicious Slytherin would, but she blew it off to her concern over Luna. Daphne smiled at him though.

"Mr. Potter... please, come in." Daphne held Luna's hand reassuringly, squeezing it slightly.

Though Luna's whisper didn't quite make it to him, Harry saw her lips form his name. Encouraged by the Healer's greeting, he stepped in but didn't go over to them. There was a barrier formed by their family ties, a barrier that Harry was very conscious of. This familial love was alien to him, and it made him uncomfortable to witness it.

"I'm sorry," he apologized quietly. "I didn't mean to intrude."

"No no, you're fine. I should be sorry for just barging into your house like this day after day." She chuckled and patted the chair next to her, sending him a gentle smile. "Please, come sit."

Luna gleaned confidence through her cousin's firm grip. She longed for Daphne's cool, sophisticated manner in dealing with things. She couldn't even bring herself to look him in the face.

"So who have I been robbing of their bed for the long has it been?" Luna spoke to her sheets and her hands, anywhere but Harry's good, earnest face.

Harry would dearly liked to have stayed where he was, away from cousins, but his legs were already protesting his hike up the stairs. He managed to make his way over to the indicated chair without incident, and settled in. "It's been..." he trailed off. Truth be told, he'd been bedridden for so long that he'd lost count of the days. He answered the other question instead. "It was an empty room; don't worry."
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