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Minister of Magic Amelia Bones' Speech

When: Sunday evening
Who: Amelia Bones
Where: Jekyll Square
What: Amelia Bones' speech at the ball

Amelia Bones stared out at the sea of faces assembled before her.

Keeping the same smile on her face that had been there since the defeat of Voldemort, the aging witch cleared her throat. Once the quiet murmur of the party-goers had settled down, she pulled out her wand. Holding it beneath her chin, she murmured 'Sonorus'.

Now that her voice was able to carry across the large square, she was ready to begin her speech.

"First of all, I would like to thank everyone for coming. I realize that this ball has been met with mixed emotions throughout our community, and I am grateful to see that most everyone who was invited believes, as we at the Ministry do, that this is precisely what is needed at this moment in time." Slowly, she allowed her eyes to fall on the various individuals that she had worked so closely with during the war, feeling the normal rush of emotion fill her.

"Ladies and gentlemen, as you all now know, the war is finally over. For the first time in many, many years the wizarding world may finally know peace. Our sons and daughters can now live in a society where it truly does not matter to whom they were born, or where they were raised. And, as such, we may now live without the worry of tyranny looming over us." Taking a deep breath, she forced the next part out, praying that her voice remained steady as she spoke.

"Voldemort is dead."

As she waited for the slight gasps and murmurs to settle down, she continued to smile. Then, she continued on, repeating it once more.

"Voldemort is dead, and, this time, he is not returning." Suddenly, the smile disappeared, and her voice took on a much more serious tone.

"However, that does not mean that there isn't a chance of someone else trying to take his place. Throughout history, there has always been a Dark Witch or Wizard attempting to control this world as they see fit. Well, here I say, no more!

"No longer will we stand by and do nothing. No longer will we live in fear of death and destruction. From this day forward, the Ministry is making a promise to take steps to prevent this from happening. We are taking steps to protect everyone from any potential threat that may arise."

Seeing the slight looks of skepticism that filled some of the people's faces, she continued on.

"Now, I'm certain some of you are asking yourself how we intend to do this. And, I intend to not only tell you, but show you as well. Through time, I vow to reinstate the trust that was once given to this Ministry. However, all I can do now is offer a glimpse of the changes that are to come."

Licking her dry lips, she allowed the smile to return.

"During the war, there was a group of students who made quite a name for themselves. When faced with a Ministry who was causing more harm than good, they rebelled. United, they worked together toward a common goal. Led by someone whom we all know, they prepared themselves for a war that they knew was coming. In reference to a man that they all knew and trusted, they named themselves Dumbledore's Army.

"And, starting tomorrow morning, that Army is returning. However, make no mistake. This time it will not be made up of children from Hogwarts, but instead by the same people who once ran it, as well as others who are properly suited for the job. Their primary focus is going to be to keep what few wizarding towns we have safe. A local defense, if you will.

"They will be founded in Hogsmeade, a town that was nearly destroyed by the war. As it is the closest to Hogwarts, where we are currently most vulnerable, their job is going to be keeping the town, and students that visit it, safe. Once more members are recruited, the Army will expand to other towns, offering protection from day to day. And, I don't think I need to explain the reason for keeping the name of Dumbledore's Army."

As a hush of sadness fell over the crowd, Amelia continued.

"Now, this group is not going to be Ministry run. However, they will have the full support of the Ministry behind them. And, any and all questions you may have in regards to them will be answered by us.

"So, as you can see, there are changes underway. I stand before you and make this vow: This world will be safe once more. If it takes everything that the Ministry has, we will keep it safe and free from the terror it has known. And, we will do so while keeping those that have fallen in our hearts and thoughts."

Scanning the room, she frowned slightly when she couldn't spot the person she was looking for.

"And, it is with that, that I will turn the floor over to someone whom we all know and care for. The person who managed to defeat the Darkest Wizard this world has ever known not once, but twice. It is with great happiness that I introduce to you Mr. Harry Potter."
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