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Lucius Malfoy


When: 1 January 1999, beginning at 12:01 AM
Who: The Death Eaters in Azkaban, told from the POV of Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange
Where: Azkaban
Status: Complete
Summary: Freedom at last.
Watch For: Violence and death, Dom Perignon. All in the same evening.


All the parameters had been established carefully by Lucius' machinations
with the Dementors, but the final key had been saved for tonight. Bellatrix
had been in her cell, in the yoga pose she adopted in the evenings to center
and school her thoughts, when the door opened and closed swiftly.

Not one to break a good position by looking up, Bella waited for the visitor
to speak his name. Finally, an arrogant voice commanded, "Get up, whore. Get
up and face me."

Bella knew the voice, of course; her tormentor many times over, this was a
Ministry functionary that worked here by the name of Arthur Bizbee. While
the employees of Azkaban were strictly forbidden by magical contract to
interfere with the inmates, somehow this man had managed to break or elude
the contract. Tonight was his night in the rotating shift to be in charge of
the prisoners. He always tormented Bella on these nights with a fierceness
that was even worse than her years serving at Voldemort's side. She was too
hard to cry in front of him now. His wand was already out.

"Someday you'll thank me," he said, binding her arms with charms to the
dingy little bed. "I keep those Dementors away from you and you get better
food than anyone else. You're mine. Mine."

Bella bit her lip as the beating began. It was always predictable; he would
beat her until she was black and blue all over, then rape her, then use his
wand to charm away the evidence. She'd had worse, but she'd always been able
to fight back. It was the binding that made the whole thing so demeaning,
and he knew it - revelled in the feeling of control and power over her. At
one time, she had participated in the killing of his wife and little son. He
enjoyed very much making her pay for her crime.

As Arthur delivered a particularly nasty blow to her cheek, Bella looked out
of the corner of her bloodied eye and saw that the door was cracked. A
Dementor stood there, surveying the situation. Was it one of Lucius'? Her
question was answered when the Dementor glided into the room, silently
coming up behind Arthur and enveloping him in its cloak. It was over very
quickly for Arthur Bizbee. Too quickly, in Bella's opinion, but she wasn't
one to look a gift Dementor in the mouth.

Arthur's wand lay loosely in the outstretched, pale hand on the floor near
her cot. She grabbed it and secreted it in her sleeve. Nodding once at the
Dementor, she considered her options. Before she could react one way or
another, the Dementor's hand came out of his robe, beckoning her. Her legs
began to move of their own accord. Down the hall he went, opening the doors
of her associates - Azkaban's most feared inmates, all rubbing their eyes
and walking free down the hall behind the large, cold creature in the black

At the end of the hall, Lucius waited. He nodded to their jailers, five
hooded Dementors that stood at the door. Bella had never before been so
happy to see Lucius Malfoy; after all, he had been a rather cold man to her
sister and as pretentious and arrogant a brother-in-law as could be, and had
definitely hurt her ambitions as a Death Eater with his sly cleverness, but
now he held out his hand to her. Numbly, she placed the wand in his hand. He
smiled his thin-lipped smile and pointed the wand at her. Her eyes closed;
was this to be the end?

When her eyes opened, her bruises and bleeding were gone. He took her arm as
they departed the fortress.

At the water's edge, Lucius cast a Disconcealment Charm to reveal a small,
luxuriously appointed yacht he knew would be waiting. A house-elf donated by
one of their benefactors was waiting to ferry them to France, he explained.
The Dementors watched them depart, then set back off for the castle to
destroy the body of Arthur Bizbee. It would be made to seem that he was the
one who let the prisoners escape, of course. The Dementors had been promised
repayment in souls when Lucius managed to create the new Order of things in
England. They were very much willing to wait.

"Happy New Year, Bella," Lucius said, as he cast Warming Charms over them
all in the small watercraft as they looked back towards Azkaban prison.

"Where are we going?" she said suddenly, as if the unreality of the whole
affair had just occurred to her. "You didn't tell us about any of this."

"We had to have the wand, Bella," Lucius said, "we knew Arthur would visit
you tonight. He always does. I'm sorry you had to get hurt, but it was the
only way."

She nodded; women were often treated violently in their world to achieve
great ends, so she was fully aware that the apology wasn't quite that

"We're going to the Parkinson estate for a while," Lucius said offhandedly,
looking down at his nails. "We have benefactors and allies, but we can't
exactly jump back into our old lives. Give it time, Bella, I have our
friends working on a way to get everything we dreamed about before - before
Voldemort went insane and destroyed us. You must trust me. All of you,"
Lucius said, indicating the huddled group, "must trust me. If you can't, you
will be free to make your own way when we get to France."

The ship was now at open sea, and the house-elf appeared with three bottles
of Dom Perignon, 1993. "A very good year," Lucius smirked, "my compliments
to Kishuf." After the wine was poured and passed around, Bella stood up.

"A toast?"

Everyone nodded for her to continue. "To Lucius Malfoy. I think I speak for
all of us when I ask you to continue as our benefactor and leader. I will do
what you ask and follow you in this new venture."

Lucius looked around expectantly. Everyone raised their glasses.

"To all of us," Lucius said, "we will win this time. Count on it."
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