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Pansy Parkinson

Round One: Fight!

When: 04 January, 1999
Who: Parvati Patil and Pansy Parkinson
Where: Office of Dragon Enterprises
Status: Complete
Summary: Pansy and Parvati find out that they'll be working together

Pansy was in an irritable mood when she walked up the stairs to the offices of Dragon Enterprises. But then again, these days Pansy was often in an irritable mood. Her living conditions were less than ideal, and the fact that Draco had been called away so soon after she came into the company left her struggling to deal with investors and buys without any preparation whatsoever. The only silver lining to be found in this particular cloud was the new secretary, who was supposed to at least help organise the clients. DE had apparently recently received an influx of funds; hopefully Draco had managed to find someone competent with them. Her hopes were dashed, however, as soon as she walked in the door and saw the young woman setting up at the receptionist's desk. "Patil?"

Parvati had arrived at the offices of Dragon Enterprises early that morning, eager to set up her new desk and get to work. Draco had sent her an owl that previous night, informing her that he was going to be away on business for an undetermined period of time. He left her brief instructions on how to get started without him, and that his "partner" would be in to give her further assignments. Parvati found it odd that he hadn't mentioned his partner's name, but didn't give it much thought. She hummed quietly to herself as she placed a small plant in the windowsill, the stopped to admire her work. The office was small but elegant, and she was quite satisfied with her decorating job. She bent down to look in the bottom drawer of her desk when she heard someone call her - by her last name. Parvati felt the hair stand up on the back of her neck and she looked up to see who had just stepped into the office. "Parkinson?"

Pansy had wondered which twin this was until the other girl spoke. It wasn't the Ravenclaw - only a Gryffindor could infuse the name of one of the oldest Pureblooded families in Europe with the distaste usually saved for Knarl droppings. She stepped fully into the office, gaze sweeping the reception area and noting how quickly Patil had made her claim on the place. "You're the one Draco hired?" Though the evidence was right in her face, Pansy was having trouble with the idea that Draco Malfoy, Prince of Slytherin, had hired an ex-Gryffindor to greet his clients. All that time with Potter and his cronies must be making him mad. She made a mental note to get him out of there as soon as possible, but first she had to deal with this.

Parvati bristled at the scowl on Pansy's face. It was a scowl that she had seen countless times since the girls were very young. Their parents had been associates and the girls had found themselves thrown into the same social circle for many years. Despite their parents best efforts, the girls had never gotten along. She straightened as she faced Pansy. "Yes, I am. And can I assume you are this "partner" that he spoke of in his owl?" In order to keep from appearing flustered in any way, Parvati shuffled a stack of papers on her desk and tried her best to appear as if she knew exactly what she was doing.

Up until Patil had actually confirmed that she was working at the office, Pansy had entertained the vague hope that the other witch had just been there to set things up for the real secretary, a different secretary, a secretary that Pansy had a hope of getting along with. Of course, her luck as of late had been abysmal. Draco must have been aware of the difficulties the two witches had with each other, or he wouldn't hidden their identities from each other. At least Patil seemed to be making an effort at doing something. If it applied to practise, and if they stuck to their own sides of the office…no, she was still going to leave Draco a welcome back present - one that had been hexed. "I am. I presume this is your first day of work?"

Parvati set the stack down neatly on the corner of her desk and stepped around to stand in front of Pansy. "Yes, it is. I received an owl from Draco last night. He asked me to come in and set myself up. He also said that his partner would be along to instruct me further. I suppose that's you." She summoned up every ounce of decency she had in her body. Through gritted teeth, she added, "So, if there's anything I can do for you, please let me know."

Several options ran through Pansy's mind, ranging from cleaning the Doxy-infested storage room to simply getting out, but she reined in the impulse. It was only because of Draco that she'd managed to escape her parents, after all, and it wouldn't do to fire his secretary on her first day - even if she did question the younger Malfoy's sanity in the choice. "Yes, that's me." She studied the other witch for a moment, then headed towards her office. "Make me a cup of coffee and come into my office. We'll talk about what you already know and what you need to do."

Parvati smiled to herself as Pansy turned her back. "You'll find a fresh pot of both coffee and tea on your desk, along with whatever you might choose to add to them. I took the liberty of preparing them just before you showed up." She'd actually done this in the hope that Draco's partner would turn out to be a handsome young wizard such as himself, not a pug-faced spoiled Pureblood like Pansy. Still, she was pleased that she had already completed her first task, and she was sure that this would surprise Pansy.

Pansy was indeed surprised. From what she remembered of Patil's behaviour in school, she would have expected the other witch to have been too busy fussing over her own appearance to do anything productive. Pausing, she turned and looked speculatively at the receptionist, then continued. "Good. Come in, then."

She followed Pansy into her office and sat down. She noted that the office was not as skilfully decorated as her own, and she was secretly happy about this. She crossed her slims legs, and waited expectantly as Pansy sat down and poured herself a cup of coffee. Parvati crossed her slim legs and feigned an attempt at conversation. "So, Draco didn't tell me where he was off to. Do you have any idea? He seemed to leave rather suddenly."

Pansy didn't have many details about Draco's departure herself, but she wasn't going to admit that to the hired help. "He's back in Arabia working out the details of a contract." Her tone implied that was all Patil needed to know. It was all she had, anyway. Draco had promised an owl, but it hadn't arrived yet; given the location and circumstances of where he was, Pansy wouldn't be surprised if he came back before the owl arrived. "What did he tell you about our company and your duties before he left?"

Parvati cocked her head to one side as she carefully concocted her response. The truth was, she didn't know much. When Draco had been describing the business to her in her interview, he had been quite rushed about it. He had told her that he would explain more when she came to work. "Well, he told me he deals in personal transportation. Importing brooms and such. He told me I would be in charge of answering phones, greeting customers, and keeping the office organized. He also told me I would be helping him out with personal business as well. I suppose he means running errands or something." She looked at her newly painted fingernails. "What, exactly, do you do here?"

Pansy's tone could have turned the entire North Sea into a desert. "I run things while he's not here." After having fixed her coffee to her liking, she sat back in her seat and took a sip. Well, the Gryffindor knew how to brew coffee, at least. "And part of that is to set up new clients. Speaking of which…" She pulled out a drawer in her desk and rifled through its contents until she found the proper card, which she slid over the table. "Contact the owner of Quality Quidditch Supplies and arrange for an appointment for me."

She took the card from her. She cleared her throat to keep from giggling at Pansy's tone of voice. Parvati was getting to her already. She looked at the number on the card, and then looked back up at Pansy. "I'll do that now. Will there be anything else, then?"

Although the giggle was kept in check, Pansy clearly noticed Parvati's mirth. Eyes narrowing, the ex-Slytherin carefully set her cup down. "You can file these specs," she stated, pulling out from under the desk a huge folder of pamphlets and papers. "They go in Draco's office. Let me know when you're done."

Parvati's eyes widened visibly at the large file, but she wasn't discouraged. At least this would give her the chance to snoop around in Draco's office. "I'll do that then. Let me know if you need anything else." With that, she stood up and left, files and card in hand, and a smile on her face.
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