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Fleur Delacour

Beware the creatures of the night. They have solicitors . . .

When: 03 January, 1999
Who: Fleur Delacour, Geoffrey Avis, &c.
Where: Geoffrey Avis' office
Status: Complete
Summary: Fleur sics Avis on Cassius Chase

Fleur was not pleased. The holidays in Le Bai Des Sirens were bad enough, but then the day she got back to England, she got that owl. It was enough to make her go all claws and feathers, if she'd had a bit more Veela blood.

Alastor picked up on her mood, and wouldn't stop yelling all the way to Diagon Alley. The only other passenger on the bus, a young, serious-looking witch reading the Daily Prophet, glared throughout the entire trip. Fleur glared back.

She didn't make a serious effort to quiet him until they got to Geoffrey Avis' office, and then it was not entirely successful. The receptionist gave her a slight frown -- she seemed incapable of a whole-hearted expression -- and told her to go in.

"Miss Delacour," said Avis, speaking somewhat louder than usual to make himself heard, "you said something urgent came up?"

"Actually," said Fleur, handing him the owl from Cassius Chase, "I don't know whezer it is urgent or not. As you can see, 'e doesn't tell me anysing."

Avis scanned the owl, while Fleur sat and occupied herself by making faces at Alastor. It seemed to work, and he settled down contently with a fistful of Fleur's hair.

"This is very odd," said Avis.

Fleur nodded. "Ze most puzzling sing," she said, "is why is 'e only telling me now?"

"He does begin the letter with 'It has come to my attention that you have an interest in Moody End,'" said Avis. "Perhaps he only found out now."

"In zat case, 'e cannot be a very competent investigator," said Fleur.

"That's one thing that I have never heard said about Cassius Chase," said Avis.

"You know 'im?" said Fleur.

Avis shook his head. "By reputation only," he said.

"In any case," said Fleur, "is 'e allowed to do zis? Zere 'as been a crime against my son's property, and 'e does not tell me what it was, or when, or anysing. 'E simply tells me to mind my own business, and to 'rest assured zat ze matter is in capable 'ands.' Mr. Avis, I 'ave rarely been less assured of anysing."

"Yes, I can see that," said Avis. "The question of whether he is allowed is more complicated. On one hand, you're absolutely correct. Moody End is your son's property -- or at least, the Ministry has found that he has a reasonable claim to it -- and as such, you are entitled to be informed of a crime against it, in much more detail than this owl gives, and also to be kept abreast of the investigation -- which you clearly have not been. On the other hand, Mr. Chase is a Special Internal Security Subversion Inspector. That allows him a certain discretion in deciding what information is too sensitive to be made available to the general public. Any information of that nature has to be filed with the Minister's office, though, and I can't really see why he'd bother in this case -- Moody End is just a house, isn't it?"

"Maybe," said Fleur, "And zen, maybe not. Alastor was an Auror for a long time. 'Oo knows what 'e might 'ave kept zere? Many people seem to be interested in it recently, no? First zose Kishuf Brozers, and now zis." Fleur frowned, and Alastor screwed up his face for another round of yelling. "I don't like zis, Mr. Avis, not at all. I want you to go down to ze Ministry and make trouble for zis Chase person. Find out what 'e knows."

"I'll do what I can," said Avis. "And I'll keep you informed of what I find out, I promise. Expect to hear from me soon."

Fleur nodded, and rose. "I will," she said.

And managed to get out the door before Alastor started screaming again. Avis and his receptionist exchanged a look of relief.
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