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When: 1 January 1999, just before sunset; 2 January 1999, early morning
Who: Severus Snape, Hannah Abbott, Bill Weasley, Remus Lupin
Where: St. Mungo's
Status: Complete
Summary: A life is saved, and a debt incurred (Take place immediately following 'Awakenings II')
Watch for: Trust where there once was hate, and an unhealthy obsession with muffins

Severus frowned, his brow furrowed in concentration as he watched the last of the potion settle into the vial. Mentally, he was going through a checklist in his mind, knowing that one wrong ingredient and the results would be deadly.

The color is correct, as is the thickness. The asphodel has mixed properly, leaving scarce evidence it was ever used... Sighing, the Potions Master put the lid on the vial then glanced at his assistant. "That is it. The Draught must be used within two hours in order to have is maximum potency. I suggest we administer it at least half an hour before the rising of the moon, so it may take effect before the transformation begins."

Hannah nodded, chewing on her lower lip. She glanced down to her wrist watch. "We've got about an hour before then, sir. Should we, um... head over to St. Mungo's now?"

Severus nodded, calmly handing the bottle to her. He felt a sense of relief knowing that she was more than aware of his constant trembling, and therefore wouldn't question his decision to leave the care of the potion to her. "Yes. The sooner we arrive, the better chance we have of convincing Mr. Weasley to allow us access to the room." He made no mention of the fact that Hannah would probably be allowed into the room, instead choosing to use the term 'us'. After all, if she insisted on being his assistant, she must accept the drawbacks as well as the benefits.

Hannah nodded and took the vial, quickly performing a buffering charm on it before slipping it into an inner pocket of her robes. She took a deep steadying breath, readying herself for the probable fight that would commence between Mr. Snape and Bill. She really, really didn't think she could deal with their constant bickering right now, and had decided that, if it came down to it, she'd throw them both out of the room and bar the door for the duration of Remus' transformation. She'd be safe enough. They, however, would not, should the potion not work they way they hoped it would.

As Severus slowly made his way out of Snape Manor, with Hannah following close behind, he allowed his thoughts to drift slightly. It truly was amazing, the fact that she had come up with the idea of using the Draught of Living Death on the sick werewolf. If her theory was correct, which Severus believed it was, the Draught should enable Remus to survive the night of the full moon. In the morning, the antidote could be administered and with any luck, the man would recover from the silver coursing through his veins.

Coming to the edge of the wards that surrounded the house, he gave his assistant one last look. Then, he Apparated away, arriving at St. Mungo's an instant later.

Hannah was nervous. Very nervous. What if she was wrong? Obviously she wasn't as talented at potions as she thought she was... or as careful. If she was, then Remus wouldn't be in St. Mungo's, lying in a bed, at death's door. One last steadying breath and she, too, closed her eyes, appearing at St. Mungo's in an instant.

Hannah laughed, leaving his hand dangling in mid air as she rounded the bed and pulled him into a brief hug. She pulled back with a wink. "After last night, I think a handshake is entirely inappropriate." Hannah's hand came up and she stifled a yawn, the lack of sleep and food catching up with her. "Well, gentlemen, I will bid you good day. Remus... I have a basket of blueberry muffins with your name on it!"

Walking through the crowded hallways, with Hannah beside him, Severus couldn't help but feel the slightest bit of apprehension. If Bill refused to allow him access, claiming only Hannah could be trusted, he wasn't certain what he would do. Granted, he wasn't all that fond of seeing a potential transformation himself. However, he was going to be damned if he was going to leave the blond beside him alone with an injured werewolf.

Relax. The potion will work. It is made correctly, the theory is sound, and if Weasley acts like a git he'll find himself on the receiving end of a curse. It's as simple as that. That decided, Severus stepped off the life and rounded the corner nearest Remus' room.

Hannah's heart was racing. This is going to work. This HAS to work, she thought as they neared Remus' room. Her lower lip was bleeding a bit, she'd chewed it so much in worry. "Sir?" she said softly, wondering if he would hear the fright in her voice.

Severus paused, glancing at the obviously nervous young woman beside him. "Yes, Ms. Abbott?" he questioned evenly, wondering idly if she could tell how utterly terrified he was becoming. It isn't the same as the last time. He has yet to transform, and there is a strong possibility he won't. Remain calm.

"I'm... I'm scared," she said simply, her voice wavering.

He nodded, his eyes darting to the doorway to make certain Bill was still inside the room before speaking again. "Ms. Abbott, were you not frightened, I would be highly concerned. What we are about to attempt has, to my knowledge, never been done before. Nor should it ever. However, the simple fact remains that Remus Lupin will likely not survive through the night if we do not at least try. So, unless you feel as though you cannot work through your fear and do what must be done, I suggest we begin." His voice softened slightly as he looked at her. "And, if at any moment you feel you cannot continue, you may always leave. I would certainly not hold it against you."

Hannah took a moment to compose herself and nodded. "I can do this," she said softly, squaring her shoulders in resolve. "Let's get this over with."

Severus nodded, impressed with the courage the young woman was showing. Facing the door, he took a split second to steady himself, then opened it and stepped aside to allow Hannah entrance first. Following her, he froze just inside the room, his stomach dropping at the scene before him. Bill and Remus were lying in the bed together, holding one another close. How touching. He couldn't keep the sneer from his thoughts, but was able to keep it from spilling past his lips. Instead, he cleared his throat and waited to be noticed.
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