Beyond Hogwarts NPC (bh_npc2) wrote in beyond_hogwarts,
Beyond Hogwarts NPC

A Very Weasley Christmas

When: December 25, morning
Who: The Weasleys and friends
Where: The Burrow
Summary: The Weasleys get together for their first Christmas after Ginny's death
Status: Completed

Arthur was by the Christmas tree, enraptured by a flying ornament that had been confiscated by his department a few days ago. Charlie was at the kitchen table, wiping down his dragonhide jacket. Fred and George were nowhere to be found, which didn't alarm her as much as it used to. It meant that whatever they were up to, it wasn't going to be done in the house. Percy had owled saying that he was going to try to rush home from his conference in time for Christmas. Soon, Bill and his new...friend, Ron, Harry, and Hermione were going to arrive.

If Molly tried hard enough, she could almost believe that this was another Christmas like the ones they'd had every year, through wars and troubles and strife. If she tried hard enough, she could remember not to set that extra place setting at the table. If she tried hard enough, she could pretend that all her children were coming home for Christmas.

She never did manage to try hard enough.

But this was not a time to dwell on that. Percy had finally returned to the family and a difficult year was finally ending. Now was the time to re-unite and to reflect. Now, more than ever, was the time to be a family.

"Arthur!" she bellowed from the stove. "Put down that thing and come help me!"
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