Hestia Jones (bh_hestiajones) wrote in beyond_hogwarts,
Hestia Jones

When: December 15, evening
Who: Hestia Jones
Where: Hestia’s office at the MoM
Status: Complete
Summary: “Alarms” start to go off while Hestia is working.

It had been a long day for Hestia as usual, endless paperwork. She was just about to call it a night when she heard someone in her office say “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” Hestia looked up and around her office, to find no one but herself. She stepped outside her door, to see if by chance it was someone outside her office. As she stood in her doorway, she heard it again, yet louder this time “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” This time she knew it was from within her own office.

Hestia knew Moody well enough to figure it was something of his, something had to be malfunction, but yet… there were none of his old things here anymore really. She knew if she was going to solve this she would nee a bit of Moody’s constant vigilance in watching her office. The next time she would be more prepared. She stood in the doorway surveying her entire office waiting. Yet nothing happened. Maybe she was loosing her mind. Maybe she had been working WAY too long. Hestia rubbed her eyes, and headed back to her desk, she had just about decided she really worked way too much, when she sat down, her desk changed into a miniature of Moody End. Or at least so it seamed at first. When she looked more closely she could see Moody End as it is today with someone inside. As she watched the shadow take a step, she heard it again “Constant Vigilance!… Intruder!”

The message this time was clear, crystal clear. She rushed to get parchment and the fastest owls she could find. She had to find out first if it just happened to be a family member of Moodys. She wanted that to be all the problem was, but it was hard to tell whom it was in the house. She also scribbled out a message to the DA, so they could be alerted before she made it to the headquarters.
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