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Dudley Dursley

Dudley and a gun

[OOC: This used to be a lark. Now it is all too real. That's why it's posted here and not at lizard_lounge.]

When: Night, December 9th
Who: Dudley Dursley, anonymous wizard
Where: London, outside Diagon Alley
Status: Completed

Dudley pulled the robe around himself and shivered. He had bought it at a Pakistani shop, where the man had probably charged him too much, but it looked more or less like the things Harry had worn to that school. He ought to be inconspicuous.

Huddling closer against the wall, he felt the butt of the gun jab his belly and smiled. Good old Piers. The gun was the one he'd used for his latest job. Dudley'd convinced Piers that he was going to kill himself, and Piers had seen the suicide of an old friend as an excellent opportunity to get rid of a murder weapon. He hadn't changed, at least.

Well, maybe Dudley would kill himself. But he had to kill Harry first. The gun worried him a bit, but soon he'd be out of the reach of the Muggle police.

God, he hated that word. Muggle. If he'd ever paid attention in Latin, he bet he'd have found out that Muggle meant 'person who doesn't matter.' Like his father. Like his mother. Like him.

Harry had finally succeeded in making Dudley as miserable as Dudley had made him for the first nine years of his life. Dudley's mother killed because she provided Harry with some sort of magical protection, his father's mind snapped under the strain of too much weirdness, and Dudley himself sent to live with his Aunt Marge, with her innumerable pit-bulls and her endless parade of head-shrinkers, all of whom wanted to help Dudley.

Well, fuck that. He was going to find Harry Potter, and he was going to kill him. Dudley would do with a bullet what Voldemort couldn't do with a spell, and then they could sneer at Muggles as much as they liked.

A man with long hair, wearing a robe, approached the wall. He glanced furtively around, his eyes sliding over Dudley with a slight look of disgust, and pulled out a wand. That's right, thought Dudley. Pay no attention to the drunken, homeless Muggle. The man tapped the wall with his wand, and went into Diagon Alley. Dudley slipped in behind him.

Goodbye, normal world. Hello, vengeance.
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