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Draco Malfoy

Dinner for Two

When: Late afternoon, October 25th, 1998
Who: Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger
12 Grimmauld Place
Status: Completed
Summary: Draco and Hermione have dinner...
Watch for: Draco's pink nose, plans for a rendezvous, and an inquiry over Draco's missing portrait.
Notes: The RP began on MSN (so both Kat and I posed during this post) but will be continued on LJ.

It was late afternoon of the day after his return from Arabia, and Draco Malfoy had just Apparated to the front steps of 12 Grimmauld Place. None of his housemates were aware of his return, though; an early business meeting had him Apparating to work even before breakfast. He was rather disappointed; he'd really intended to set loose his flying Persian rug in the house, but he consoled himself with doing that some other morning. Now, however, he was eager to get home for a reason he wasn't sure of, but attributed to fatigue. In any case, as he neared the front door, he couldn't help but peek through one of the windows to see if anyone was home. He figured that he might as well make a big entrance, as would be customary of his style. At first it seemed as though the house was empty, but then a little silhouette of a female entered his vision -- translucent through the curtains -- and he smirked immediately at the thought of it being none other than Hermione Granger. Grinning to himself, a more than perfect idea welcomed itself into his head. Without further hesitation, he marched to the door, swung it wide open, and entered, bellowing loudly, "Honey, I'm home!"

Hermione was so engrossed in her task that she jumped at the sudden bellow. The paring knife, released from its cutting up the potato into the pot on the stove, fell to the floor with a clatter.

That bloody wanker.

She picked up the knife, placed it on the stove, and rushed out the kitchen door. She swung open the door, thereby hitting someone in the face. She peered around the door to see who it was, and saw Draco holding his nose. She smirked, 'Serves you right, Malfoy, for scaring me like that!'

A rendezvous between his nose and the kitchen door was not at all what Draco expected when he made his way down the hall. The impact caused searing pain, followed by a dull numbness that throbbed from his nose all the way to the back of his head and he mentally cursed the stupid witch in front of him. "If I have a nose bleed because of this, you have no idea how bad you're going to pay..." he threatened her.

She huffed, 'Oh quit your whining, Malfoy. It's no less than you deserve for scaring me like that.' She led by the arm into the kitchen and guided him to a chair. 'Here, sit down and I'll stop the bleeding with a healing charm.'

Draco couldn't explain the little surge of something akin to joy he felt upon receiving Hermione's medical attentions. He wanted to give her his best smug face, but his red nose would've ruined the overall effect. With a quick swish of her wand, his bleeding ceased and only a tinge of pink remained on the tip of his previously bruised nose. He wiggled it about for good measure. "Hm. Not bad."

She felt a surge of pride from his praise. She smiled at him, 'You're welcome. It was nothing, really.' He really did look kind of cute, sitting there, wriggling a pink nose. She flushed, turning a bit pink herself. 'Ah, are you having dinner here with us?' she queried. 'I don't know where everyone is, but I'm fixing enough for everyone.'

Good question. Draco hadn't really thought about dinner. "Well now that I am here, I suppose I might as well dine with you lot, though I'm quite glad the others aren't here."

'Well, I honestly don't know where everyone is. Harry and Ron were out last night, doing God knows what and they have been sleeping all day. Professor Lupin might join us, but he's been holed up, too. ' She grinned. 'In fact, I got quite a bit of revising done, because of the peace and quiet. In fact, Mrs. Black was really quiet, no shrieks and moans from her. It was a welcome respite, I must say.'

She went over to the stove and checked the pot that was simmering away. 'Looks as if it's almost done. Would you please set out the table for me while I get out the tea?'

The reminder of his grandfather's sister's screaming portrait gave him a bit of a shudder, even though he was the only member of the current household she approved. "That's good to hear," Draco said plainly, before walking over to help set the table.

Normally he would've tried to worm his way out of doing the chore, but another thought had invaded his mind. "So it seems you’re busy with classes. You take them at Oxford, do you not?"

She was impressed. It would seem he'd actually paid some attention to her and had remembered.

'Why, yes, I do,' she replied. 'I am going for a double first in Biochemistry and Potions. It's hard slogging so far, but I love it.' She was filled with enthusiasm, talking about her studies. 'I never thought I'd say this, but I have got a lot of respect for Professor Snape as a teacher. He gave us such a thorough grounding in Potions that I'm able to keep up with the other freshers quite easily. But I can tell you the reading is really interesting. It's a lot but I don't mind.' She suddenly stopped, embarrassed. 'Oh, I'm rambling again, aren't I? Sorry, I do get carried away...' And she bustled about, preparing the tea.

By the time Hermione had finished her endless ramble, Draco had a slight -- very slight -- smile on his face. There were some things that surely never changed, and Draco found himself thankful for it. He also inwardly marveled at how Hermione could be so passionate about whatever it was she was engrossed in. He only knew of one other person like that. Himself. But his curiosities and passions lay elsewhere, in places where it wasn't smart to ramble about.

"You do tend to do that, don't you?" he questioned her good-humouredly, as he finished placing the last fork on the table. "Yes, I know what you mean about Snape. He's one fine Potions Master, and I've had many before Hogwarts to compare him with. He even urged me to pursue Potions like you, once, did you know that? But then war came and well...you know how things ended up." Draco found it hard remembering certain things about the war, and went quiet after that.

She sighed and agreed. 'Yes, I know,' she said sadly. 'We've all been affected, haven't we? Harry and Ron lost Ginny, I lost my parents, and you lost your home and your money.' She set the teapot on the table. 'Well, let's eat, shall we?'

Draco nodded and sat back down in the chair he'd vacated to set the table. She waved her wand and the steaming pot floated from the stove to the table. She conjured up the ladle and served Draco his portion of the beef stew, then served herself. She sat down across from Draco.

Having had his thoughts float unwillingly to his mother, Draco had to mentally shake himself in order to remember what it was he wanted to say to Hermione earlier. It finally came to him after a few seconds. "Right. Well, up at Oxford you must've visited some apothecaries for your studies, haven't you? If you haven't, I'd like to recommend Brewer and Burns. Ignatius Brewer is our family
apothecary. In fact, I'm visiting him tomorrow to get my monthly supply of Sleeping Draughts," Draco told her as he scooped up a portion of beef stew and brought it to his mouth.
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