Ron (ron_cc_weasley) wrote in beyond_hogwarts,

Beware of Drunken Wizards

When: October 21, 1998.
Who: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley
Where: 12 Grimmauld Place and beyond
Status: Complete
Summary: Ron and Harry make their attempt to break into the Ministry to prank Snape.

Ron ran upstairs to look through his trunk and upon entering his room felt a touch of dizziness. Too much firewhiskey, he thought, taking another swig for good measure. He needed a bit of alcohol to get him through this prank. Now he just had to find suitable disguises for Harry and himself.

Foraging through the items in the large trunk, Ron pulled out two black turtleneck jumpers and a huge billowing black robe. The robe he'd gotten secondhand from Charlie and it was still a bit too large on his slim frame and a couple of inches too short. It would have to do.

Digging deeper, Ron pulled out an old woolen Gryffindor cap. After trying to pry off the patch unsuccessfully with his fingers, he gave up. The trunk yielded yet another black woolen hat only this one was quite large. That one will definitely be Harry's, thought Ron.

He still needed a disguise for his face and it just wasn't feasible to brew up a Polyjuice Potion at this stage. He looked around the room and found a bit of fur trim on a garish pillow whose former residence was the bottom of the closet. Ripping off a strip, he cast a gluing charm on it and stuck it on his upper lip. Pulling the hat down over his head just far enough, he grabbed the other turtleneck and hat and headed downstairs where Harry waited.

"Here you go, mate," Ron said, handing Harry his black getup. "Don't mind the hat much, it's a bit too big."

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