Severus Snape (xseverus_snapex) wrote in beyond_hogwarts,
Severus Snape

Cruciatus Cure ... Take Two

When: October 6th, 1998.
Who: Severus Snape, Hannah Abbott
Where: Snape's office at the Ministry of Magic
Status: Complete (finally!)
Summary: Bureaucracy and potions just don't mix.
Watch For: A Hufflepuff with Slytherin qualities

It had finally happened.

Since his meeting a little over a week ago, Snape had known this day was coming. It was only a matter of time before the idiots who were in charge decided that he'd taken too long to pull off a miracle and decide to stick their ignorant noses in where they didn't belong. And, today was the day they had decided to do it.

Sighing, Snape stepped off the lift when it reached the sixth floor. He was so preoccupied, he didn't even bother glaring at the owl that nearly hit him in the head as it flew past. No, right now he had more important things on his mind than clumsy birds.

His funding was being cut.

Just like that, he was told the Ministry could no longer afford him an assistant. Nor could they provide him with the 'overly large amount of resources' they had supposedly given thus far.

What resources? Aside from cauldrons that fall apart and an office that looks as though a canary exploded inside of it, I have provided myself with everything. Up to and including the supplies needed.

Of course, none of that really mattered. Even if he continued doing what he was doing, paying for everything out of his own pocket instead of jumping through the required hoops, it wouldn't matter one iota.

Not with the new rules in effect.

Staring down at the partially crumpled piece of parchment clutched in his hand, Snape sighed once again. It was all there in black ink. Rules upon rules that had only been created with one goal in mind ... to see his failure.

Stopping at his office door, the man took a moment to compose himself. He didn't have time to think about any of this right now. He had a potion to brew. Because, whether the officials liked it or not, he was going to find a cure to Cruciatus.

He just wasn't certain how, considering he could no longer test the potion on any humans.
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