Greymalkin (ashamdon) wrote in beyond_hogwarts,

In the Misty Morning ...

When: October 11th, 1998. Shortly after Poison Arrows
Who: Severus Snape, Blaise Zabini
Where: Blaise's Flat above Florean Fortescue's in Diagon Alley
Status: Completed
Summary: Snape warns Blaise of Cassius' underhandedness
Watch For: A bad enemy for Mr. Chase

The fog would be burning off soon. Blaise was curled up by his open window, watching it twine around the shops and scattered shoppers below. A very relieved-looking owl had since winged away, and he sat, fully-dressed, with a crumpled bit of pa rchment in his hands, temple resting against the window frame.

'The duration of the S.I.S.S.I.'s investigation ... ' As slowly as the bureaucratic wheels turned, he could be 80 by the time he was cleared. Or he might be convicted quickly.

Idly, Blaise wondered if he should run.
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