Severus Snape (xseverus_snapex) wrote in beyond_hogwarts,
Severus Snape

Lord of the Shooflies

When: The morning after Drawbacks
Who: Severus Snape, Lavender Brown, Zacharias Smith, Cassius Chase, Ernest Watson, faceless custodial flunkies
Where: Ministry of Magic, 4th Floor
Status: Complete
Summary: Everybody hates IA
Watch for: Chances to backstab a Slytherin

(Slight OOC before this begins. This post was created, written, and thought of by Ashamdon, our resident Blaise Zabini. Unfortunately, there were techincal difficulties in posting, so I decided to step in and post this in order to get it up ASAP. However, the creation of Cassius Case and the over-all storyline you're about to read is not mine.)

Cassius Case, Special Internal Security Subversion Inspector, surveyed the mess in the Ministry's 4th floor main hallway. The huge corpse of the arachnophidian lay sprawled blocking the way, and the walls, floor, ceiling, even the doors were
splattered with gore. The stench was incredible.

"Sir?" the maintenance wizard asked, fiddling with his wand. "Sir, we really should clean up, people will be arriv -- "

Cassius cut him off with a curt gesture, saying airily, "They'll just have to wait. I am investigating the wanton destruction of an important specimen, a valuable piece of Ministry property, and such things cannot be rushed." Looking again at the battlefield, distaste pursed an already small mouth even smaller. "Watson!" he called. "Watson, come here, I need you!"

A pale young man who'd been lurking near the lift came scurrying to his side. "Yes, sir?"

Cassius flicked his fingers at the corpse. "I'm going to give you the opportunity for some invaluable, hands-on experience. Go and examine the death wound and report back to my office with your conclusions."

While his assistant hastened to obey, Cassius gave a little smirk of satisfaction, turning toward the lift. According to the night watchman's report, Zabini had done this. Zabini, son of a Death Eater. Oh, he'd warned the Ministers against taking in such people, with their checkered pasts and dubious loyalties, he'd sent memo after memo. But had they listened? No. Now they would, though. Oh, now they would.

Rubbing his hands together with barely-contained glee, Cassius was almost at the lift when it warbled its arrival and the doors slid open.
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