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Sirius Black

When: 10-11 July, 1999
Who: Sirius Black and Hannah Abbott
Where: Edinburgh Hilton, Edinburgh, Scotland
Status: Complete
Summary: Sirius and Hannah move their evening on down the street, to the Edinburgh Hilton...right.

Sirius led her to the nearest exit, which just happened to lead into an alleyway. Hannah took a deep breath of the cool air, dropping Sirius’s hand to lean back against the building. "Goodness it was hot in there…"

Sirius nodded, sitting down on of the trash cans, leaning back against the brick wall. “Too right it was, but it was brilliant! We should come back some time.” He gave her a smile, kicking his heels against the metal trash-can, taking in deep breaths of air.

Hannah looked up, glancing at Sirius for only a second before moving. She stepped in front of him, pulling his top hat off and threading her fingers through his sweaty hair before taking his lips again in a continuation of what they’d begun on the dance floor.

He smiled into the kiss, his arms going back around her, his hands resuming their position from before, nimble fingers tracing small patterns on her bare skin. It felt better, to be out here in the cool air, free of the crowed, just him and Hannah, and no disturbances.

Hannah shivered, smiling into the kiss, deepening it. A light breeze picked up in the alley, giving her goose bumps. She ignored them and pressed herself closer to Sirius. She thought briefly of suggesting they find someplace even more private… but then he did this terrific little rolling thing with his tongue, and all rational thought escaped her.

Sirius felt Hannah shiver, and the goose bumps that dotted her flesh, and it prompted him to pull away, his breathing labored again. “I don’t think an alley, is really the keenest place for a snog. Let’s go somewhere, anywhere. A hotel, anything with privacy.” He pushed her back a little, sliding off the trash-can, and digging in his pocket. “I don’t have any muggle money. Do you?”

Hannah nodded, now quite breathless. "Yeah, I have more than enough for that." She ran a hand through her hair, grimacing slightly. "Merlin, we weren’t even in there that long and I feel like I need a shower…"

She shook her head and pulled the bottom of her skirt up slightly, showing an ample amount of fishnet-covered thigh.

“Ok, well, should we find a place then? There must be something nearby….” Sirius’s words trailed off as Hannah raised the hem of her skirt, his heart speeding up in his chest. “Lets go. Right now.”

He took her hand and hauled out of the alley and onto the street, looking up and down the avenue for someplace, anyplace, they could go. “Down there. There’s a sign that says Hilton. Isn’t that a muggle inn?”

Hannah laughed as she struggled along behind Sirius. "Yes, it is… But slow down, I need to get the money from where I hid it." She pulled her hand from his and, again, lifted the hem of her skirt, trying to reach where she’d strapped the cash to her thigh.

Sirius stared at her, his mouth hanging slightly open. “You could have just given your money to me, and I would have put it in my pocket. It would have saved us quite a bit of trouble,” he said, fidgeting as he waited, shifting from one foot to the other.

He watched her struggle, for what seemed ages, before throwing up his arms in defeat. “Oh, for the love of Merlin, here!” He reached under her skirt and fished out the neatly folded bills, handing them to her with a smirk. “Can we get on with things now?”

Hannah grinned, kissing him on the cheek as she handed the wad of bills back to him. "Ah, but then I’d have no excuse for you to put your hand up my skirt, would I?" She pulled back, winking. "Now find us someplace private, love."

“Trust me,” Sirius said with a swagger, taking her hand again, “I have plenty of damn reasons to put more then my hand up your skirt.”

He all but dragged her the rest of the way to the hotel, not paying attention to the odd looks they received as they bustled through the glass front doors, and marched straight up the concierge. “I want a suite, if you have one. If you don’t, whatever, just give me the next best thing you have. I’ll pay you back,” he said, all in one breath, tossing a glance at Hannah at the last bit.

Hannah shook her head, grinning. "No need to, love. I think you’re going to earn every sic---shilling." She winked at him, an impish gleam in her eyes. Her hand had been resting on the small of his back, scratching lightly thought the cloth, but it was now moving downward, edging very close to his bum.

Sirius shifted his weight from one foot to the other, mumbling curses at the man behind the desk, who was taking his sweet time. Finally they were handed over the key to the suite, which was on the top floor of the hotel, much to his grief. That meant getting on the elevatorpullytrolley thing, which he wasn’t overly fond of, but at the moment, and the current state he was edging towards, he’d much rather take the quick way up, then the stairs. “Ok. Got the key. Lets just get up stairs now.”

Hannah giggled, letting Sirius drag her to the bay of elevators. He threw her into the Express elevator and jabbed angrily at the correct button while she flopped onto the small bench, watching him. "A little anxious, my love?" she joked, eyes twinkling.

“You have no idea,” Sirius said with a cynical hint of laughter, punching the button a few more times, even after the elevator started to move. “This room better be good, they charged us enough for it.” Yes, Sirius, make small talk. That’s exactly what she wants to hear. DOLT!

Hannah leaned back, closing her eyes. Her pulse was pounding and nervous little butterflies were bouncing around her stomach, but she pushed them down, pushed them away. She was an adult and free to do as she chose and right now she was choosing to… well, she didn’t want to think about that, exactly.

She cared for Sirius. Very much so. Possibly more than anyone else in her life, except her brother and sister. He was a good man, and good to her and the children. He looked out for her… and he was one hell of a kisser…

But was that enough motivation for her to… you know… for the first time ever? Things were so promising between them and so uncertain at the same time. How was Hannah to know she wouldn’t end up regretting her decision?

Essentially, there was no way to know. She was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.

She opened her eyes, looking at his profile while he fidgeted with the buttons some more. Well, Han, she thought. Let’s let him decide. Say his name, draw his attention, and let his reaction be the deciding factor.

She cleared her throat, her lips turning up in a hint of a smile. "Sirius…"

Sirius turned when he heard Hannah say his name, shivering slightly at the way the word sounded as it passed through her lips. “Hannah,” he said softly, a smile of his own playing on his lips.

The elevator jerked to a stop, and the doors slid open slowly, almost ominously. He reached out his hand and pulled her up, unable to resist the urge to place a kiss on her lips as she stood. He stumbled a little as they moved into the hall, not wanting to remove his mouth from hers, even though he knew it was detrimental to walking correctly.

Forcing himself to pull away, he held the key tightly in one hand, the other hand resting on Hannah’s waist. As they made their way down the dimly lit corridor, an obscure thought crossed his mind. “You should owl Rosmerta later. Ask her to keep an eye on the kids today. I have a feeling, that we won’t be coming home,” he said quietly, giving her a look, that was half hopeful, and half desperate.

Hannah chuckled, moving her hand from the small of his back, where she’d placed it when they’d exited the elevator, to his rear, squeezing. "Don’t you mean we had better Owl Rosmerta and ask her to watch the kids?"

“Yes,” Sirius said, growling low in his throat. “Exactly. Watch the kids.” He slid his hand off her hip as they reached the door at the end of the hall, nimble fingers jamming the key into the lock, turning hard. If he’d been anxious before, it was nothing to how he felt now.

Throwing open the door, he flipped on the lights and breathed in deeply, greeted by that unique hotel smell. This room is swanky. Absolutely perfect. The suite was large, as he’d hoped, and the fact pleased him to no end. They were standing in a living room, with a sofa, a television, and a bank of windows along the far wall, the curtains open to a view of the city.

There were two doors to their left, and Sirius assumed that one was the bathroom, the other the bedroom. He took Hannah’s hand and squeezed it as they stepped in further, shutting the door behind them.

Hannah wandered further into the room, going to stand beside the windows. "What a beautiful view," she said, turning to smile at Sirius over her shoulder. "Do you think it’s worth the cost now?"

Sirius smiled in return, running a hand through his hair. “I always thought it was worth the cost,” he said with a suggestive wink, moving towards the bathroom. “I think all my drinks are catching up with me.” He gestured around the room, biting his lip, a little nervously. “Why don’t you…um…get…comfortable or something, I’ll be out in a flash.”

He disappeared into the bathroom, mentally kicking himself for that line too. Yes. Because every girl wants a blundering fool.

Hannah grinned as Sirius made his exit, moving over to the table in the ‘living area’ of the suit. She sat in one of the chairs and flipped idly through the room service menu while she worked on the knots in her shoelaces. Mmmm… strawberries, she thought, picking up the phone receiver. "Where’s the number for room service…"

Sirius stood at the sink, pulling off his top hat as he stared at himself in the mirror. His black hair was stuck do his head from sweat, except for the bit in the front that he’d pushed up, which was sticking in all directions. His bottom lip was slightly bruised from their fierce kissing, and his eyes looked a little bloodshot from all the drinks they’d had. “Gorgeous,” he muttered to himself, picking up the bar of sop from the dish. “You look right smashing, old chap. Why don’t you just keel over dead, to add to the effect, hm?”

Turning on the water, he scrubbed his face vigorously with the soap, feeling a little better. Not completely satisfied, he stuck his entire head under the faucet, revealing in the way his entire body seemed to cool down as the water soaked his hair further. Standing up, he turned off the water and ran a towel over his head, sighing heavily.

Putting on a smile, he opened the door and slipped back out in the sitting room, quirking a brow at Hannah, who was seated at the table. “Hey love, what are you doing?”

Hannah nodded, waving at Sirius a little as she spoke to the person on the other end of the line. "Yes… Yes, a serving for two." She nodded, her smile growing. "Yes, that’s perfect. Charge it to the room… Thank you!"

She placed the receiver back on the cradle and stood, grinning. "Oh, I just ordered us a little snack. Some fruits. Things like that."

She was barefoot now, having disposed of her boots and fishnet tights while he was in the bathroom. Her hair was mussed and one strap of her tank top was slipping down her shoulder. Hannah took her time as she crossed the room, smiling up at him. "I don’t know if you’re hungry, but I could use something sweet right about now…"

“Hmmm,” Sirius said, pretending to think about it. “Something sweet? I don’t think I can help you…” He smirked and took a few steps nearer to her, tapping his finger on his lips. “Fruit is good though. I like fruit. But, you know, there’s something else I like a lot more.”

"What’s that, love? Maybe it’s on the menu," she teased, reaching out to put her hands at his waist.

Sirius placed his hands over hers on his hips, leaning in to rest his forehead against Hannah’s. “You,” he said with a smirk, licking his teeth.

"You’re in luck then," Hannah said, grinning. "Because I happen to be in stock and in season." She chuckled, pressing her lips to his briefly.

“Good,” he said quietly, licking her lips as he pulled out of the kiss. “I’d be terribly disappointed if your shelf life had expired.” He gave her a wink, letting go of her hands. “I’m going to go turn on the air and lie down. I’m still feeling a little hot from earlier.” And with any luck, you’ll join me.

Hannah smiled, taking his hand. "I think… that I will have to join you. Just to make sure you’re alright after all that excitement…"

Sirius nodded, running his hand up her arm. “All right. Sounds like a plan. You know though, we should have brought extra clothes. Mine are sticking to me, it’s disgusting.”

Hannah shook her head as she walked into the bedroom. "You have your wand on you, don’t you?" she asked, looking at him over her shoulder.

“Of course I do. You never leave home without it, especially if you’re a once convicted felon. People tend to want to hex you, despite your recent status as innocent.” Sirius quirked a brow at her, fiddling with the air conditioning. “Why?”

Hannah paused in the doorway to the bedroom, once again pulling the hem of her skirt up to retrieve her own wand. "Why wish for something when you can conjure it? Or transfigure something else into it? Or even just use a cleansing charm, darling."

Wand in hand, Hannah looked around the room, searching for something ‘suitable’. She smiled when her eyes lit on a spare pillow in the closet. "Aha!" she said pulling the case off it. Quickly, she transfigures the pillow case into a large night shirt. "Perfect," she said, turning her smile onto Sirius. "You don’t mind if I shower really quick, do you?"

Sirius nodded slowly, finally adjusting the air to high. “No, I don’t mind. I’m going to go down the hall and get some ice, and then just relax in here with a soda and the air. It feels bloody wonderful.” He gave her a smile, kissing her cheek as he passed on his way back out the door to get the ice bucket.

Once he was out of the room, he started grumbling to himself, hoping that the entire evening didn’t go to waste because they kept fumbling around. Things got heated, then calmed down, then got heated, and now things were….on a plateau. “Maybe, Sirius,” he hissed to himself, hitting the button on the machine, watching the cubes slip down the chute and into the pail, “this is her subtle way of saying ‘back off, you bastard.’” While the ice kept coming out, he looked up and down the hall, pulling out his wand tentatively. Tapping the soda machine, he smiled smugly as a can rolled out. “At least we had a good snog, at any rate.”

Hannah was quick in her shower, wasting no time as she washed her body and hair. The nerves were coming back and she desperately wanted them to go away. This was a momentous occasion. She wanted to be able to enjoy the experience, not be worried sick the entire time.

She sighed as she hastily dried, pulling her undies on and tugging the transfigured night shirt over her head. She ran a hand through her magically-dried hair, sighing again. She was stalling. She knew it.

This is nothing to worry about, Hannah! Nothing at all. You like Sirius, a lot, and he’ll never do anything to hurt you. So… go out there and do your best!
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