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Hannah Abbott

Who:Sirius Black and Hannah Abbott
10-11 July, 1999
Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
Status: Complete
Summary: ... And continuing with drinking and dancing in an Edinburgh club.

The Knight Bus tore up the street a few moments later and the couple boarded, quickly taking a seat on the surprisingly empty bus. Hannah sat close to Sirius on a sofa, holding his hand lightly, her fingers scratching idly against his. “So,” she said, leaning into him. “What all did you today, other than the normal moving things…”

"Not much. I got another hair cut, and while I was out, I got Jeremy a set of quidditch trading cards. I'm holding onto them though, until he leaves for Hogwarts. I thought he might like to trade them with the other kids, something a little different then just your average old chocolate frog cards." Sirius leaned back against her, resting his head on Hannah's, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb. "What about you? What did you do?"

“Oh, let’s see…” She started, smiling. “Shopping for dinner, obviously. Then I took the kids to the park and got them good and tired. Fed them, sent them up to bed. Then I got our dinner started and got dressed. That’s about it…” Thought about you all day. I forgot to mention that…

She sighed, snuggling against him. She was going to miss their evenings together… and mornings together… and afternoons together… Hannah was honestly surprised at how quickly she’d become accustomed to spending nearly all day, every day with Sirius.

Sirius started to smile, but the bus made a sharp turn, and his head cracked against the window, causing him to scowl. "Ok, I take that back. I no longer like riding on the Knight Bus." Still scowling, he raised his free hand to rub the back of his head, cursing under his breath.

"Are we nearly there? If we don't get off this death trap soon, I may lose my dinner, which would be a shame, since you put so much thought into it." Leaning around Hannah, the man scowled at Stan Shunspike, who was standing in the isle near the front doors, pretending to mind his own business. "Imbecile."

Hannah’s smile fell as soon as she heard the sharp crack of Sirius’s head hitting the window. “Oh dearest,” she cooed. “Are you alright?”

She turned in her seat so she was facing him, her hands immediately going to his head. “Where does it hurt? Are you bleeding?”

"I don't think I'm bleeding, but we're getting off this bus now. Even if we have to walk the rest of the way. Oy, you there! Boy with the pimply face," Sirius called out, letting go of Hannah's hand to stand up, careening a little to the left as he started up the isle.

He was midway up, when the bus gave a tremendous lurch, screeching to a stop. Sirius stumbled a few paces, but managed to remain upright, glaring heavily at the driver. "I am never," he growled, "doing this again."

With a pleasant smile, Stan looked up, pulling open the doors. "Good timing! This 'ere is your stop! We 'ope you enjoyed your ride, and do come again!"

Hannah, who’d stood when Sirius had, stumbled against the chair in front of her, apologizing profusely to it’s inhabitant as she made her way down the aisle. She joined Sirius at the front, smiling warmly at Stan Shunpike. “Thank you,” she said as the young man gave her a decidedly ‘friendly’ look.

Sirius turned his glare from the driver, to Stan, putting his arm around Hannah's waist protectively as she joined him again. "I'm going to pretend," he said in a low voice, "that I did not just see that look you gave my girlfriend, because otherwise I will be severely tempted to make you forcibly eat that ridiculous hat you're wearing."

He pushed past the boy, dragging Hannah with him, thankful for the solid ground and cool air that greeted them on the sidewalk. "We're taking a train home," the man grumbled under his breath, smoothing down the front of his wrinkled shirt.

Hannah was still biting her lip as they exited the bus, the chilly air helping the blush to fade from her cheeks. She nodded mutely, still in shock that he’d referred to her, in public, as his ‘girlfriend’. “I’m sorry, Siri,” she said finally, clearing her throat. “Maybe I shouldn’t have worn something so revealing…”

"It's ok. I like your outfit," Sirius said with a small smile, squeezing her hand. "I just don't like it so much when other people like your outfit." He gave her a small wink, pausing on the sidewalk to take in their surroundings. "So, we're here. What are we going to be doing?"

Hannah tore her eyes away from him took look around her. After a few moments, she nodded down the street. “We walk. Three or four blocks that way is our destination.” She slipped her arm around Sirius’s waist, smiling up at him. “I hope you like it. It took forever to find the perfect place to take you tonight…”

Sirius pulled her closer, tipping his hat down over one eye. "I'm sure I'll love it, and really, anything is better then another night in London. It's about time we got out to see the rest of the world." He laughed a little, stubbing the toes of his trainers into the cracks in the sidewalk as they shuffled along. "I appreciate everything you've done this evening. You put a lot of thought into it."

Hannah beamed at him, giggling. “I wanted it to be special, because you’re special. I mean, we only have a limited amount of time left, right? We should make the most of it.”

"Well, it's not like I'll be a million miles away, but yes. We should make the most of it," he said with a smile, rubbing her back with his palm as they walked on.

Hannah was still laughing, but she gave Sirius the fakest pout she could muster. “It feels like a million miles away. So I’m doing my best to make this a… memorable night.” She stopped short, giggling as she pointed to a small awning-covered door with quite a long line leading to it about half a block away. “That, love, is our destination.”

Sirius quirked a brow at Hannah, wondering exactly what she meant by memorable. Forcing his mind out of the gutter, he peered at the long line from beneath the brim of his hat. "Wow. What is this? Are they handing out free Bertie Bott’s or something?"

Hannah laughed, taking his hand to pull him along. “Nope. If you were to even mention Bertie Bott’s there, no one would have any idea what you were talking about.” She jumped a little, throwing her arms around his neck. She pulled him close, her lips brushing his ear as she whispered. “It’s a muggle dance club. One of my cousins got us on the list.”

"OooOoOoo. There's a list, and we are on it. How very important we seem," Sirius said, licking his teeth as Hannah whispered in his ear. He liked the tingling feeling he got when her breath tickled his neck, but he withheld the fact as she pulled him towards the entrance of the club, which was blocked off my a velvet rope. Well, this is certainly something I've never done. Memorable indeed.

Hannah beamed as they approached the club. She gave the large, burley man standing at the door her name and, much to the dismay of those waiting on the other side of the rope, they were immediately allowed entrance into the club.

Hannah smiled brightly, yelling at Sirius over the din of the music blasting in their ears. “Isn’t this brilliant?”

Sirius looked around, his eyes adjusting to the darkness of the club. The music was loud, the bass turned up so high that the floor seemed to pulse beneath their feet. It was bloody brilliant. "This is fucking great," he yelled back, a smile playing on his lips. "Where do we get some drinks?"

Hannah threaded her fingers with his, smiling as she dragged him toward the bar. They ordered their drinks, two rum and cokes, and headed to the VIP section of the club, taking a table. The bands up on stage were changing, so a DJ was piping a guitar heavy song through the speakers.

Hannah sipped her drink, smiling at Sirius. “So, what do you think so far? Should we try to get up front for the show?”

"Of course! Up front is the best place to be," Sirius shouted over the crowd and the music, taking a long drink from his glass. It was crowded, even in the private area where they were seated, but that was half the fun. It had been years since he'd been in a place like this, and even then, it wasn't even a muggle club, just open mic night at the Leaky Cauldron.

Finishing off the rest of his drink, he turned towards Hannah and winked, resting a hand on her leg. "Want to dance?"

Hannah set her drink on the table, laying a hand on his and caressing it gently. “I’d love to!” she yelled back.

Sirius climbed over the table, deciding it was easier to over then to go around, smirking when his feet hit the floor on the other side. "Well, it looks like this entire place is one big dance floor! So pick a spot, and go for it," he called back to Hannah, pushing his hat down further on his head.

Hannah stood, laughing as she pointed to a lower level of the club. “Maybe we can find a god spot down--” She stopped in mid-sentence, baby blue eyes widening as her jaw dropped. The odd electronic sound and heavy hits to the bass drum sounded very familiar and, when the lyrics finally began, she squealed.

“I love this song!!!” she screamed, taking his hand and dragging him down to the main dance floor.

"I don't know this song," he screamed back, trying not to trip as Hannah dragged him down the stairs, not stopping as they hit the edge of the dance floor, wading into the throng of people.

Sirius's eyes widened as he took in the crowd. People were everywhere, most of them young and scantily clad, dancing very suggestively. It was, quite simply, amazing. We certainly didn't dance like that when I was a teenager…

Hannah sang along with the song as she pulled Sirius to the very center of the dance floor. “…You let me desecrate you… Help me! I’ve broke apart my insides… Help me! I’ve got no soul to sell… Help me! The only thing that works for me… Help me get away from my self…”

She turned, wrapping her arms around Sirius and pulling him close as they began to sway together to the beat, still singing. “…I want to fuck you like an animal… I want to feel you from the inside… I want to fuck you like an animal… My whole existence is flawed… You get me closer to God…”

Sirius just blinked as Hannah started to sing along, wrapping her arms around his neck. A little hesitantly, he put his arms around her waist, his hands resting against the small of her back. It was…interesting…to hear such vulgar words coming out of the girl’s mouth, as she usually wasn't quite so colorful with her words, but he had to admit, he sort of liked it.

"Do I even want to know how you know this song," he asked, leaning in so that his mouth was near her ear, to ensure that she'd hear him over the noise of the club. "It seems a little bit unlike your usual taste. Unless you have some wild side you never bothered telling me about."

“Ah, but isn’t it more fun to find out about wild sides without warning?” she countered, her lips brushing his ear as she spoke. She tickled his neck slightly with her fingertips as they danced, getting pushed closer and closer together as the crowd of people around them tightened. Within no time, the dance floor looked little more than a undulating, giant orgy with Sirius and Hannah somewhere in the middle.

"I suppose I see your point," Sirius said, biting his lip, his fingers playing idly with the hem of Hannah's tank top. "It's certainly far more interesting." He shivered when her breath touched his hot neck, a few beads of sweat forming under the brim of his hat, the club growing considerably hotter with the size of the crowd.

Hannah continued singing along with the song, screaming out the vulgar chorus in Sirius’s ear. The crowd was pushing them together, then pulling them apart, and pushing them together again. By, the time the song ended, Hannah was left clinging to Sirius, her knees decidedly weak. The smell of his cologne, the heat radiating through his tight tee shirt and the large amount of alcohol she’d consumed that day were all making it very hard to keep her thoughts entirely wholesome. All the near-naked bodies around them certainly weren’t helping either.

Sirius licked his lips as the song ended, feeling a little dizzy from the booze and the heat and the words she'd been screaming in his ear, but he was not willing to pull his body away from Hannah's. "Do you want to go again," he asked in her ear, pushing a strand of sweat-soaked her out of her face as another song started to pump out of the speakers, "or do you want to take a seat? It's getting to be on the warm side of hot out here.

Hannah was about to answer in the affirmative when she paused, mouth open… and squealed again. “New Order! Oh sweet Merlin, it’s New Order!” She pulled him close again and continued dancing despite the sweat pouring off the both of them. It certainly was getting hot and crowded… but wasn’t that the entire reason they’d come?

"I'm afraid I don't know who that is either," Sirius said, sniggering at her squealing and bouncing. "But it sounds pretty good so far." This time he placed his hands on her hips, leaning his forehead against hers as the crowd began to move again, the world nothing but a heated blur of lights and people. He was having a good time, even if he wasn't familiar with the music. He got to be close, deliciously so, to Hannah, in a public setting, and no one was even looking at them twice. It was glorious.

Hannah laughed, closing her eyes. “Oh, hang around me much longer and you’ll become very familiar with them, love,” she said.

She opened her eyes slowly, all her attention focused on his eyes, his mouth, the heat of his body pressed against her… She licked her lips, admiring the way his lips curled at the corners in a slight smile. And suddenly, the thing she wanted most in the world, more than anything she’d ever wanted, was to kiss him.

So, slowly, she leaned closer and pressed her lips to his lightly, completely unsure of herself.

Sirius reacted the way any normal, hot-blooded, man would to being kissed by a pretty girl on an overheated dance floor. He kissed back, pressing his lips hard against hers, hooking his fingers through the belt loops of her skirt, pulling her hips against his.

It suddenly got a whole lot hotter in the room.

Hannah groaned, her eyes slipping closed a second time as she deepened the kiss, completely forgetting that they were in the middle of a club.

Sirius leaned against her, putting one hand on her back to hold them both up, shivering a little when he felt her skin beneath his finger tips where her shirt had rode up from their dancing.

Hannah’s breath hitched in her throat as Sirius’s hand touched the bare skin of her back. Slowly, his hand crept up until it was resting just below her bra strap, his fingers toying with the clasps. She was sure he had no idea he was even doing it.

She broke the kiss, putting her swollen lips to his ear. “I know we just got here, love… But what do you say about us getting out of here?”

"That sounds good," Sirius said breathlessly, his hand sliding back down her back to rest at the top of her skirt. He was trying desperately to catch his breath, but finding it hard to do so in the heat, blinking hard as sweat dripped into his eyes.

Taking her hand, he led her off the dance floor, searching for the nearest exit. There had to be a door around here somewhere, and he wanted nothing more then to get out it.
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