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Sirius Black

When: 10-11 July, 1999
Who:Sirius Black and Hannah Abbott
Where: The Three Broomsticks, Hogsmeade
Status: Complete
Summary: Hannah plans one last special night before Sirius moves back to London, staring with dinner....

Hannah brushed her hands together then wiped them on her apron. She checked the oven once again, to make sure the potatoes on the Shepherd’s Pie she’d made weren’t burning, biting her lip. Ok, she thought. That looks good. The kids are in bed. Sirius is waiting on the back porch…

Tonight was, sadly, one of Sirius’s last nights in Hogsmeade. In just a few very short days he’d be leaving, moving back into his childhood home with his godson. Hannah was sad to see him go, but this was something he’d been wanting for a very long time. She wanted to make what time he had left at The Three Broomsticks as special, and memorable, as possible.

So, tonight she’d invited him to a romantic, candle-lit dinner. Shepherd’s Pie, garlic bread, red wine… it was a simple menu, but one Hannah was certain Sirius would enjoy.

She tip-toed over to the door and peeked out, checking on him.

Sirius sat at one of the patio tables, reclined back in his chair, feet propped up on the porch railing. He was sipping from his wine glass, staring out over the street, which was bustling, even though it was going on late evening. The temperature was pleasant, a little warm, but with a light breeze that ruffled his hair ever so slightly.

It was one of his last nights in town, staying at the Three Broomsticks, and Hannah had told him to come downstairs at a quarter to seven, for a special treat. He’d arrived promptly, dressed in freshly pressed slacks and a button down, assuming that they’d be going out to dinner. But he’d been pleasantly surprised to find that she had planned the entire evening, which included a meal cooked by her, served on the back deck of the inn.

So now he was cooling his heels, having a few drinks, waiting on her to return with their meal. He was enjoying the people watching, a favorable activity, just taking in all the sounds and sights of the small town before returning to London to live with Harry.

It would certainly be a change of pace, that was for sure.

Hannah smiled as she pulled at the knot holding her apron in place, struggling with the strings. Finally freeing them, she threw the apron onto a chair and took a sip of her wine. She was nervous, more nervous than she should be, actually. It wasn’t as if she’d never cooked for someone before… But this was different. This was Sirius. She wasn’t certain but she had the feeling that, growing up, he’d been accustomed to only the best of everything. There was no way she could possibly compete with that, but she certainly was going to try.

The fare was simple but filling and, as an added bonus, it kept well in the refrigerator.

Refilling his glass, for the third time, Sirius shifted in his seat, dropping his feet back to the floor to smooth on his shirt and hair, checking the clock to see that the hands had landed on the seven and the twelve. Glancing at the patio door, he smiled to himself, tapping his feet on the wood floor in a rhythm that made little sense to anyone but him. He felt a little nervous, which was odd, because Sirius Black did not get nervous. Only, well, this was Hannah, and she was different. No one, who wasn’t a chef or whoever it was that made the scant meals in Azkaban, had ever cooked for him before, and he was anxious. It was good, right, when someone wanted to cook for you?

Why the hell did dating have to be so nerve racking? It’s just Hannah. Cool it with he fidgeting, Black.

The timer dinged and Hannah hurried over, pulling the main course from the oven. She hissed softly as the heat from the pan tore through her oven mitt, but the slight pain faded when she set the pan on the stove. It was far too hot to serve… "Bugger," she muttered, knowing the Sirius must really be getting hungry by now. "Well, nothing to be done about that now…" A cooling charm would cool the food far too much and that would be just as bad as food that was too hot.

She shrugged, serving up the plates and taking them out to the table she’d set earlier. A bright smile stretched across her face. "I hope you’re hungry," Hannah said. "Just be careful. It’s a mite hot."

“Hey! I was getting worried about you! Thought you might have burnt the joint down while I was sitting outside,” Sirius said with an impish grin, sniffing the air as she set down the plates. “Wow! That smells great! I can’t wait to see if it actually tastes that good.” He gave her a wink, picking up his fork to shove the food around, waiting on it to cool down enough to put in his mouth.

As Hannah moved around to the other side of the table, his manners came back to him and he jumped out of his seat, moving behind her to pull out her chair. “Sorry about that, love, I guess I was so hungry I forget to be a gentleman. Not that I usually am one, as the opportunity rarely presents itself, but I shouldn’t let those hours of etiquette classes I had when I was a boy go to a complete waste.”

Hannah laughed, shaking her head as Sirius helped her into her seat. "You don’t have to be all proper around me, Sirius," she said, eyes twinkling as he retook his own seat. "I just want you to be comfortable. And happy. And well-fed."

Sirius smiled again, taking his own seat again, picking up his fork. “As long as your around, I think all three of those things are in order. You cover happy and well-fed, so the least I can do in return is be proper.” Digging into his shepherds pie, he took a small bit, savoring in the flavor of the now ‘cool-enough-to-eat’ food. “This is wonderful, Hannah! I had no idea you could cook so well!”

Hannah blushed, turning her face away to tuck her hair back behind her ear nervously. "Thanks," she said softly, barely holding back a giggle. "Cooking is one of my passions. I think that’s why I always loved Potions. It’s a lot like cooking."

She too took a bite. It needs more pepper. Damn.

“Ah, potions. Never cared much for the subject. I passed it easily enough, but it was rather dull. I preferred Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration.” Sirius took another bite, chasing it with a long drink of whine. “But to each his own!”

Holding up the whine bottle, he offered her some more, glad to keep refilling their glasses.

Hannah nodded, passing her glass. "Thank you."

She sipped at the wine, watching Sirius while he ate. Her own appetite was lacking tonight, for some odd reason. Maybe it was Sirius’s leaving, or Jeremy’s soon to come Hogwart’s letter… whatever it was, Hannah couldn’t force herself to take more than a few bites.

Sirius finished his meal off quickly, enjoying the silence and the presence of company. When he finished, he pushed the empty plate and glass aside, giving Hannah a sheepish smile. “Sorry, I was a bit hungry. I didn’t have time for breakfast this morning, I was running around trying to put things in order for when I leave.”

Quirking a brow, he took quick note of her still full plate. “What’s wrong, love? Don’t feel good?”

Hannah smiled brightly, shaking her head. "No I feel fine. Just not terribly hungry." She took another sip, then set her napkin on the table. "That happens when I cook. I spend so much time around food, I just don’t feel like eating when it’s finally done."

“I think that’s understandable,” Sirius said, stretching out his legs as he leaned back in his chair. “I need to change my clothes. After eating all that food, I feel stuffy in this damn button up. I’ve never exactly been a ‘dress-up’ kind of guy.”

Hannah chuckled, nodding. "For what I have planned, you’re going to want to be comfortable. Very comfortable." She stood, smoothing down one of the flounces on her skirt. "Why don’t you go change and I’ll clean up here."

Sirius pushed back his chair, quirking a brow in Hannah’s direction. “Now I’m curious. What exactly are we going to be doing, that requires such a high level of comfort?”

Hannah laughed, shaking her head. "Nope. I want this to be a total surprise." She picked up a plate and gave the man a wink. "Hurry up, love. We don’t want to be late."

“Rodger dodger,” Sirius said with a boyish smile, taking off into the pub, all but running up the stairs to his room.

It didn’t take the man long to throw on some more comfortable, and well lived-in, clothes. He pulled on a worn out pair of jeans, a shirt that was a little to small (as most of his things were, he’d have to look into get some new stuff when he got back to London), and just for fun, a top hat he’d picked up one of their many shopping trips.

Wrinkling his nose, he checked his reflection in the mirror, that nervous feeling from earlier returning. He was completely in the dark about what Hannah had in mind, but whatever it was, he was sure it would be fun. How could it no be? They always had a great time together.

Hannah stood at the foot of the stairs, the smile on her face as bright as possible. She’d put so much time and effort into planning this evening out… She just hoped that Sirius found it as memorable as she hoped he would.

“Ready,” Sirius asked, practically bouncing by the time he made it back into the main room of the pub. He was excited, and couldn’t wait to get out and about. When they did go out, it was usually to dinner, or for a walk, and he had a feeling that this evening was going to be different.

"Great!" Hannah said, taking his arm as they exited the pub. "So, here’s the plan. We take the Knight Bus to Edinburgh and I lead you to the rest of your surprise." She smiled brightly, hugging his arm a little. "Sound good?"

Sirius pulled his arm from hers to put it around her waist, flashing her a wink. “It sounds like a great plan to me! I always liked riding on the Knight Bus. It’s better then any rollercoaster could ever be.”

He led her to the end of the street, reaching in his pocket for his wand. “All right then, one Knight Bus, coming up!”
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